API Spotlight: A Credit Card API, Movie Viewers to Movie Editors, and Birth Date Wonders

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the Science.gov API. The Science.gov API allows mobile search and connection to 12 federal agencies, including NASA, the FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency, with data going back to 1990. In a nutshell, government data is publicly available in accessible data sets. To learn more about the Science.gov API visit the Science.gov API site as well as the Science.gov blog post.

Payleven, mobile payment application provider, released the Payleven API.  Prior to the API, use of Payleven’s mobile payment device required downloading the Payleven app. Now that the service can be integrated, virtually any application could now be turned into a credit card accepting mechanism. Furthermore, the API increases ease of use by having a single app for payment where as before users had to manually enter credit card information and leave the app for payment. To learn more about the Payleven API visit the Payleven site as well as the Payleven API blog post.

PlaceEngineEver worried about losing a laptop without GPS? The PlaceEngine API aims to solve that issue by developing a way to provide device location over Wi-Fi. Conventional services like Find My IPhone utilize GPS tracking services while PlaceEngine uses registered Wi-Fi access points and cross-references between them to find the location. PlaceEngine estimates the accuracy to be between 5 and 100 meters. To learn more about the PlaceEngine API visit the PlaceEngine site as well as the PlaceEngine API blog post.

StannpHave you ever wanted to create your own custom postcards? The Stannp API allows developers to integrate this feature into their applications. With the API, developers can upload and edit images by adding stickers, applying masking effects to the image, adding text and speech bubbles, red eye removal, blemish removal, crop and rotate functions and more. Once completed, the image can be made into an actual post card or emailed and uploaded to a Facebook wall. To learn more about the Stannp API visit the Stannp API site as well as the Stannp API blog post.

Capital OneCredit card company Capital One has released its first Capital One API. The API allows developers access to cardholder data with the user's permission.  On top of this, the company makes rewards points available to make purchases through the API. This means a developer could get paid in points and receives money from Capital One instead of the customer. Lastly, Developers can create custom coupons by connecting to Capital One’s deals and using the API. To learn more about the Capital One API visit the Capital One site as well as the Capital One API blog post.

Shared WorkforceArtificial intelligence has made leaps and bounds but automated work may not be what everyone is looking for. The Shared Workforce API operates on the idea that not all work should be automated, making on-demand human intelligence available to analyze and moderate content. In a nutshell, the Shared Workforce API utilizes the same human intelligence everyone has and throws it into a RESTful API. To learn more about the Shared Workforce API visit the Shared Work Force site as well as the Shared Work Force API blog post.

TaggstarImage tagging has become a thing well known across all areas of the Internet, however, Taggstar aims to make it a little more interactive. The Taggstar API allows developers to add little pink stars to their website’s images, with each star acting as a link to related web content. All this is possible without editing or changing any aspect of the original image. To learn more about the Taggstar API visit the Taggstar site as well as the Taggstar API blog post.

DayDetailsIs there more to your birth date then the first day of life? If there is, DayDetails will provide you with all the other important events that happened on your birthday. The DayDetails API allows developers to request specific date details given a month, day and year. These specific details range from general facts like the amount of time lived by each person in minutes, to Zodiac signs and other signs. To learn more about the DayDetails API visit the DayDetails site as well as the DayDetails API blog post.

GeeklistGeekli.st is an online haven for developers to present, connect with other developers, and gain credit for their achievements. The Geekli.st API allows developers to create their own applications and retrieve any needed data from the Geekli.st website. The site itself tracks achievements and provides a social network for developers, so the API allows all this information including users to be accessible. To learn more about the Geekli.st API visit the Geekli.st site and read the Geekli.st API blog post.

ReelSurferReelsurfer is an application that allows videos to be clipped and shared from any website. Users can then compile and organize clips into a “reel.” The Reelsurfer API allows developers to integrate the Reelsurfer service and embed these clips into their websites or apps. The goal Reelsurfer aims to reach is instead of having video consumers across the web everyone will be a video editor. To learn more about the Reelsurfer API visit the Reelsurfer site as well as the Reelsurfer API blog post.

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