API Spotlight: Datownia, Yodlee, and Social Networking Curator Actwitty

Of the many APIs we published this week, 15 were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those 15, which include the Datownia API. The Datownia API generates an API from an Excel spreadsheet that allows developers to integrate their data with any website or app. The object of the API is to allow developers to update content on multi- Platform apps simultaneously. To learn more about the Datownia API visit the Datownia site as well as the Datownia API blog post.

Copperegg is a real-time server monitoring solutions provider. The Copperegg API does just that and allows developers to create, modify, delete, annotate, and perform other functions to monitored elements. The API allows all these functions to be accessible via the API giving developers the ability to automate monitoring of servers, websites, and web applications. To learn more about the Copperegg API visit the Copperegg site as well as the Copperegg API blog post.

BooticAre you a shopper that wants more of a choice than the goods available in a retail store? The Bootic API helps to give you that choice. Bootic is an online shopping service that offers a wider range of products to the consumer by sourcing and providing goods that may not be available in general retail stores. To learn more about the Bootic API visit the Bootic site as well as the Bootic API blog post.

TappingStoneTappingStone is a behavior prediction service that determines the importance and relationship of application data attributes. The TappingStone API pulls information from a specific developer application and provides a set of predictions that could allow an application to adapt in real-time. In a nutshell, it uses application specific algorithms to predict the future actions of application users. To learn more about the TappingStone API visit the TappingStone site as well as the TappingStone API blog post.

Google CoordinateGoogle has released the Google Maps Coordinate API allowing better communication between teams. The API offers four simple to help aid productivity: communicate, see everyone’s location on a map, pinpoint and assign jobs, and notify and update each other constantly. Another important note is that this API is not free it is for sale. To learn more about the Google Maps Coordinate API visit the Google Maps Coordinate site as well as the Google Maps Coordinate Blog post.

Judge.meHave you ever needed an even easier way for arbitration, maybe even global arbitration? The Judge.me application does just that by providing an online service to reach parties in business arrangements that span the entire globe. The Judge.me API allows users to submit their arbitration cases to the service and then, utilizing the API functionality, gives developers the ability to incorporate dispute resolution features to existing applications. To learn more about the Judge.me API visit the Judge.me site as well as the Judge.me API blog post.

EppraisalEppraisal is an online real estate analysis tool that provides data and resources to help a user determine the value of a home. The Eppraisal API incorporates the service functionality into an integratable application. Once integrated, the API returns a median value along with the minimum and maximum values for a specific location. To learn more about how the predictions work, visit the Eppraisal site as well as the Eppraisal API blog post.

NCR Aloha LoyaltyNCR is a technology company that provides products and self-service solutions for ATM machines and software. The NCR Aloha Loyalty API allows clients to implement loyalty and reward programs on their personal site, which is then uploaded to the Aloha Loyalty database for documenting. The rewards and loyalty programs are completely customizable. To learn more about the NCR Aloha Loyalty API visit the NCR Aloha Loyalty site as well as the NCR Aloha Loyalty blog post.

ExactTargetExactTarget has announced a new edition to its family of API’s called the Fuel Platform; which is multiple API’s in itself. The Fuel Platform is an interactive marketing platform allowing developers to create third-party applications that integrate features such as real-time messaging, advanced analytics, and mobile and social media marketing applications. To learn more about ExactTarget and the Fuel Platform visit the ExactTarget site as well as the ExactTarget API blog post.

Yodlee FinApp StoreYodlee, the money management platform, has introduced the Yodlee Fastlink API. Not much is known about the API, but it was developed to increase innovation to bring implementations to the market even quicker than now. More information will be known after Money 2020. For more information about Yodlee and what they do visit the Yodlee site was well as the Yodlee API blog post.

TapirAre you a blogger wishing that searching and finding a single post wasn’t so difficult? Well that wish may have come true with the Tapir API. The Tapir API allows bloggers to Search Ping and Post allowing blogs integrated with the API to be searchable, indexed immediately, and able to push content manually. Indexing of blog posts is done every 15 minutes with this service. To learn more about the Tapir API visit the Tapir site as well as the Tapir API blog post.

ActwittyActwitty is an online curator and tracker of user’s social network data. In a nutshell, the system gathers information form social networking sites and categorizes them into different topics like entertainment, sports, politics and etc. From this, Actwitty creates an organized profile that delivers this information in an organized format. The Actwitty API simply gives developers access to this data so they can integrate it with other applications. To learn more about the Actwitty API visit the Actwitty site as well as the Actwitty API blog post.

PayChannelThe PayChannel API allows developers to integrate the PayChannel processing gateway into their applications. The PayChannel gateway offers processing options for credit cards, shopping cart set up, recurring payments, voiding charges and etc. PayChannel also provides E-billing and interactive voice response to pay bills over the phone. Basically giving developers all they need to receive payment for the application or service. To learn more about the PayChannel API visit the PayChannel site as well as the PayChannel API blog post.

Message BusThe Message Bus API allows developers to integrate email and mobile messaging functionality to their website or application. It is a cloud-native application, which eliminates deliverability issues and promotes scalability for reasonable pricing. The Message Bus also incorporates a zero-tolerance of spam and junk messaging so developers don’t have to worry about clients trusting the service. To learn more about the Message Bus API visit the Message Bus site as well as the Message Bus API blog post.

Google has announced the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API, allowing developers to programmatically retrieve data for existing ad clients, ad units, URL and custom channels. On top of this, developers can also generate reports about their ad clients utilizing specific parameters. To learn more about the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API visit the Google site as well as the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API blog post.

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