API Spotlight: Diffbot, Call Loop, and NFL Data.com APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, thirteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those thirtenn, which include the StatusPage API.  The StatusPage API provides developers with a solution to customer communication when their site or application is experiencing downtime. Specifically, it provides notification tools (email and SMS), downtime monitoring, insight into performance metrics, and customer customization. To learn more about the StatusPage API visit the StatusPage site as well as the StatusPage API blog post.

VidyardTracking the effectiveness of a video campaign, how viewership is translated into sales, is inherently difficult.  That is why Vidyard and the Vidyard API break down videos and provide developers with the tools they need to gain insight into their videos. These tools consist of video player customization, thumbnail customization, and the ability to see what parts of the video are being watched, skipped, or even watched again. To learn more about the Vidyard API visit the Vidyard site as well as the Vidyard API blog post.

karmaCRMThe KarmaCRM API is a client relationship management system that bridges the gap between simplicity and functionality. It’s meant for anyone in sales and provides various tools to stay in contact with future and present clients. These tools consist of email notifications, filtering functionlaity, customizing contact lists, reports, chats, and etc. It also allows users to import data from Google calenders, MailChimp, and others. To learn more about the KarmaCRM API visit the KarmaCRM site as well as the KarmaCRM API blog post.

OpenSearchServer ScreenshotOpenSearchServer is, if you couldn’t guess it by the name, a search engine website. Their OpenSearchServer Screenshot API allows users to take a screenshot of a website and save it in a PNG format.  Said pictures can be taken by specifying the screen size, single areas of the screen to be captured, and even a delay Function to capture images that will appear on the screen shortly. To learn more about the OpenSearchServer Screenshot API visit the OpenSearchServer site as well as the OpenSearchServer Screenshot API blog post.

OpendatacommunitiesThe revision of the Opendatacommunities API brings forth a few new tools and features to access UK Government data sets.  Of these new features are the quickened deployments of Government-collected data, including finance, fire and rescue, and housing and planning data, all of which comprise of the 83 data sets currently available.  Currently there is a focus on wellbeing indicators but look for that focus to expand as the API is built further. To learn more about the Opendatacommunities API visit the Opendatacommunities site as well as the Opendatacommunities API blog post.

Sense Tecnic WoTkitThe Sensetonic WoTkit (Web of Things kit) API gives developers the ability to connect objects to the Internet. As crazy as that sounds, connecting real-world objects to the internet, the company actually intends for end users to become sensors, or participants, that will provide developers valuable insight on their customers. To learn more about the Interent of things (IoT) visit the Sensetonic WoTkit website as well as the Sensetonic WoTkit API blog post.

SociagramImagine you are online shopping for a gift for someone. You could have it shipped to your residence and add a card yourself, pay for a cheap typed out card from the retailer, or send a Sociagram video message along with it. If you chose the latter then the Sociagram API, allowing developers to integrate Sociagram functionality to sites, is something you might want.  The API isn’t publicly available but developers can gain access by emailing the partnership department. To learn more about the Sociagram API visit the Sociagram site as well as the Sociagram API blog post.

NFLData.comThe Oakland Athletics were on of the first teams to use analytics to determine the best team composition, use of money, and recruitment of future prospects in the MLB. Times have come far from that as shown by the release of the NFL Data.com API. The API opens NFL Data.com’s data sets to be callable via the API with a focus for those who play fantasy football.  The data includes basic stats, rankings, injury reports, news, roster updates and etc. To learn more about the NFL Data.com API visit the NFL Data.com site as well as the NFL Data.com API blog post.

evvntEvvnt is an online event marketing service designed to help event planners reach their target audience by broadcasting and publishing the event across the web. The Evvnt API allows developers to integrate the functionality of the Evvnt site into their applications and websites. This functionality consists of event publishing and broadcasting across relevant sites, targeting specific users, natural searches, and event publishing technology for specific publishers.  To learn more about the specifics of the functionality as well as the Evvnt API, visit the Evvnt site and stop by the Evvnt API blog post.

Call LoopCall Loop, a web based voice and SMS provider, has announced the release of their Call Loop API. The API gives developers the ability to integrate Call Loop’s broadcast communication functionality with their sites or applications. Developers can manage their current customer base by adding or deleting users then contact them with a simple function. To learn more about the Call Loop API visit the Call Loop site as well as the Call Loop API blog post.

App Annie tracks application metrics and provides business with app store data so they can make the best business decisions moving forward.  The App Annie API provides current developers with a way to receive this information programmatically through their applications. As of this moment, the API is only available to existing App Annie users but the company plans to release additional API’s that will provide third party developers with the same functionality as in house developers. To learn more about the specific of the App annie API visit the App Annie site as well as the App Annie API blog post.

AppDirect is a cloud service marketplace and management Platform designed to help marketplace developers with all the heavy Back-end functionality. The company recently released five separate but connected APIs. The five APIs, Marketplace Listing, MyApps, App Profile Page, Accounts, and Analytics API, allow developers to integrate all the features of AppDirect.  The most notable features are back-end billing as a service and more than 150 cloud applications that developers can leverage. To learn more about the AppDirect API visit the AppDirect site as well as the AppDirect API blog post.

Diffbot, specializing in extracting structured data from Internet web pages, has released the Diffbot API, which puts this functionality in the hands of developers. To be more specific, the Diffbot API parses product data from multiple websites providing developers insight into the best prices, merchandise availability, and tracking. Futerhmore, the API runs in conjunction with Diffbot’s tool Crawlbot. To learn more about Crawlbot and the Diffbot API visit the Diffbot site as well as the Diffbot API blog post.

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