API Spotlight: Edamam, BancBox, and Wevideo APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, nine were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those nine, which included Edamam API. Edamam is a company committed to helping people eat better. To do this they provide recipe information to users as well as an API that allows developers access to the same data.  The free version of the API provides calorie content, serving size, diet tags, and more. To learn more about the Edamam API visit the Edamam site as well as the Edamam API blog post.

OsmosisHave you ever run into issues translating between designer and client? Maybe even used valuable time to fix issues that could have been avoided in the first place? The Osmosis API aims to solve this issue, providing developers with a web application that acts as a design brief. On top of this, the Osmosis API supports proposal functionality, contracts, agreements, and other things to help the process move smoothly. To learn more about the Osmosis API visit the Osmosis site as well as the Osmosis API blog post.

BancBoxPayment service provider, BancBox, has released their new service BancBox crowd. The new BancBox escrow service coupled with the BancBox API provides developers with payment and escrow crowd funding. Functionality includes creation, monitoring, tracking, paying, real time updates, and more. To learn more about the BancBox API visit the BancBox site as well as the BancBox API blog post.

WeVideoThe Wevideo API provides developers with video editing tools and Platform in the cloud.  The Wevideo API specifically introduces video editors to a more collaborative environment that allows them to create copies of footage so multiple people can work on the same video at once. Videos can then be uploaded online without re-downloading the improved content, eliminating inefficiencies. To learn more about the Wevideo API visit the Wevideo site as well as the Wevideo API blog post.

MySEOToolSearch engine Optimization is an important part of any business in today’s world. The MySEOTool’s  API provides a simple and streamlined process for managing SEO with a specific focus on the client. Developers are granted access to SEO metrics like search volume, competitors, backlinks, trust, and more. To learn more about all the functionlaity of the MySEOTools API visit the MySEOTools site as well as the MySEOTools API blog post.

PrintzelPrintzel is an app-powered platform that lets users create photo books from their smartphones or tablets. The Printzel API gives developers the option to integrate Printzel functionality into their applications.  Users would then have the ability to create photo books in app, without having to leave them.  To learn more about Printzel and how their API can be used visit the Printzel site as well as the Printzel API blog post.

VocalwareVocalware is a cloud based text-to-speech API. The Vocalware API gives developers the ability to integrate text-to-speech functionality into their applications. Not only does this allow users to use the functionality without installing anything but it also provides a way for TTS to expand to any browser or application. To learn more about the Vocalware API visit the Vocalware site as well as the Vocalware API blog post.

GreenButton ManagementThe GreenButton Management API helps software vendors and developers transition applications to the cloud. Specifically, GreenButton makes it possible for compute-intensive applications to be scaled out into the cloud. The API simply makes it possible for developers to incorporate scalability to applications simply and quickly. To learn more about the GreenButton API visit the GreenButton site as well as the GreenButton API blog post.

WhispirWhispir API is a platform that allows users to send a single message to various channels at the same time. Messages can be sent via SMS, voice, email, web, mobile, social media, and etc, in total supporting 8 different channels. Ontop of this, the system is 2-way so responses can be converted back into a single format easily responded to.  To learn more about the Whispir API visit the Whispir site as well as the Whisper API blog post.

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