API Spotlight: FaxLogic, Email-Pie, and NodePing APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, seven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those seven, which included the FaxLogic API. FaxLogic is a cloud-based fax-service that combines normal fax machine functionality with features of analog fax, Internet fax and fax servers. FaxLogic securely sends, stores, manages, and receives fax through email eliminating the need for phone lines, while also enabling scanning options that previously didn't exist. To learn more about the FaxLogic API visit the FaxLogic site as well as the FaxLogic API blog post.

WattpadWattpad is a web and mobile application designed to connect talented writers with interested readers. The application allows writers to share their stories through a social environment, promoting readers to rank, comment, and interact with their favorite stories and writers. The Wattpad API provides developers with access to this functionality allowing them to integrate it with other programs and apps. To learn more about the Wattpad API visit the Wattpad site as well as the Wattpad API blog post.

FoxweaveFoxWeave is a data migration and synchronization Platform. Storing data from apps, databases, cloud, email and more, FoxWeave aims to make managing data across multiple networks easy. The FoxWeave API allows developers to test multiple synchronization points through API calls. Developers, essentially, are given the power to find the best synchronization point for a person or business. To learn more about the FoxWeave API visit the FoxWeave site as well as the FoxWeave API blog post.

RentPaidOnline provides property managers with a platform to collect rent through E-checks and ACH. The RentPaidOnline API provides selected partners with the ability to integrate the RentPaidOnline platform with their site or application. Functionality includes mobile payments, pay through text, NetSwipe scanning technology. To learn more about the RentPaidOnline API visit the RentPaidOnline site as well as the RentPaidOnline API blog post.

Email PieEmail Pie is an application that lets users know what email addresses are legitimate ones and what email addresses are invalid. Developers can use Python, Ruby, and PHP to call the Email Pie API to check whether or not an email is valid. The API is free to developers but calls are limited to 1800 per hour. To learn more about the Email Pie API visit the Email Pie site as well as the Email Pie API blog post.

NodePingNodePing is a website server and monitoring service that sends messages to a varity of service protocols (SSL, HTTP, DNS, etc) to ensure a website server is running properly without errors. If an error is found, it allows developers to send mass messages to site users informing them of the error. The NodePing API gives developers the ability to integrate NodePing functionality into their third party sites or applications. To learn more about NodePing visit the NodePing site as well as the NodePing API blog post.

NavionicsNavionics is a site providing users with bathymetric maps of seas lakes and oceans. Navionics announced a new web mapping API allowing developers access to their mapping data. Esentially allowing develpers to overlay different map varieties in a certain location to be implemented how they choose. To learn more about the Navionics API blog post visit the Navionics site as well as the Navionics API blog post.

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