API Spotlight: FoodEssentials, Systran Link, and Bird Species With the Xeno-Canto API

Of the many APIs we published this week, twenty were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those twenty, which included the Gnip YouTube Comments API. The basic idea of the API is to aid social media managers with harnessing the value from users comments and applying those values in ways that will help the company. To learn more about the Gnip YouTube Comments API visit the Gnip site as well as the Gnip YouTube Comments blog post.

take.ioThe Take.io API provides five services to Brazil and Chile consisting of SSO, Core, Billing, Messages and Reports.  From here the API is broken down into subsets allowing companies to use SMS, MMS, voice, pricing, location, and CRM all of which can be integrated with their existing system. To learn more about the features of the Take.io API visit the provider’s site, Take.net, and read the Take.io API blog post.

LemonStandThe LemonStand API is an ecommerce tool set that allows Integration into almost any website. Upon integration, users get access to a caching API to recall store items, payment gateways including PayPal, eWay, Braintree etc plus many more ecommerce features. To learn more about the LemonStand API visit the LemondStand site as well as the LemonStand API blog post.

sonicAPI.comA dedicated team trying to make the world sound better is the best way to describe the developers at sonicAPI.com and the sonicAPI.com API. The API allows developers access to zplane technology that can be easily integrated into apps, websites, or in-house solutions. To learn more about high grade sound from the sonicAPI.com API visit the sonicAPI.com site as well as the sonicAPI.com API blog post.

Sound of the CityHave you ever wanted to hear and experience sounds but didn’t know where to go to find them? Although only for Luebeck, Germany, the Sound of the City API offers just that. The API provides a map that displays pin markers corresponding to user-generated data that describes the types of sounds you can hear at a specific pin. To learn more about the Sound of the City API visit the Sound of the City site as well as the Sound of the City API blog post.

CliFloThe Cliflo API is New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) database of 6,500 climate stations located all around New Zealand. The API simply gives access, through subscription, to the atmosphere data. However, although it is possible to obtain access outside of the Pacific Island countries, the data is restricted to the Pacific Islands. To learn more about the Cliflo APi visit the NIWA site as well as the Cliflo API blog post.

UserCluesUserClues is a Platform aimed at platform providers, mobile providers, product developers, and web app developers who can benefit from understanding their users behavior. The UserClues API simply gives developers access to the collected and processed data from UserClues to build their own applications and reporting solutions. To learn more about the UserClues API visit the UsersClue site as well as the UserClue API blog post.

FoodEssentials LabelThe FoodEssentials LabelAPI allows developers to integrate an up-to-date, comprehensive food and drink product label database into apps and websites. Currently, the database can match product labels scanned by its developer partners roughly 75% percent of the time. To learn more about the LabelAPI visit the FoodEssentials site as well as the LabelAPI blog post.

Shopping Cart Diagnostics Having issues with online stores, pretty much any issue at all, will result in the loss of sales. The Shopping Cart Diagnostics API aims to solve this problem by identifying errors and sending a notification with possible fixes to the issue. Developers simply type in the URL of their site and receive a basic report with possible issues and fixes. To learn more about the Shopping Cart Diagnostics API visit the Shopping Cart Diagnostics site as well as the Shopping Cart Diagnostics API blog post.

SYSTRAN LinksThe Systran Link API provides translation in 52 different languages from website translation, interactive chat, email solutions, database translation, and all they way to desktop use. The API itself relies on statistical techniques and existing validated translations to provide accurate translations. To learn more about the Systran Link API visit the Systran site as well as the Systran Link API blog post.

TripleseatThe Tripleseat API aims to solve the problems for event planning and banquet industries by providing a service that incorporates email, word, excel, notebooks, folders, post-it notes, and calendars into a single software. The Tripleseat API allows developers to integrate the features into their thirs party applications. To learn more about the TripleSeat API visit the Tripleseat site as well as the Tripleseat API blog post.

xeno-canto Are you a bird enthusiast who wants to know as many species as possible? The xeno-canto API allows developers access to over 8000 bird species and over 100,000 recordings of bird songs. However, a complete record of all bird species known at this time would take two million recordings of bird songs. To learn more about the xeno-canto API visit the xeno-canto site as well as the xeno-canto API blog post.

LoginRadiusLoginRadius was developed as way to allow people to login and create new accounts on sites without having to go through the lengthy login process.  The LoginRadius API allows developers to integrate the login service, which allows use of over 20 different login ID’s, and allow their users to sign up for their service without going through the loops. To learn more about the LoginRadius API visit the LoginRadius site as well as the LoginRadius API blog post.

Emergent OneThe Emergent One API allows developers to create their own APIs. Emergent one specifically connects to a users data source, gathers information about the data, and allows the user to use that data in their API. Furthermore, Emergent one generates the users API for them including the Developer Portal, and Documentation. To learn more about the Emergent One API visit the Emergent One site as well as the Emergent One API blog post.

ForWhereIAmThe ForWhereIAm API offers real-time, short lived and localized information to users and customers given their proximity to businesses offering deals or services. The API offers developers limited access to the system and in order to use the API they must pay for a business account. To learn more about the ForWhereIAm API visit the ForWhereIAm site as well as the ForWhereIAm API blog post.

Cogix RatingsThe Cogix Ratings API allows developers to create ratings for content. Supporting traditional content such as photos, videos and articles, the rating system can also be applied to anything such as products, questionnaires and etc. To learn more about the Cogix Ratings API visit the Cogix site as well as the Cogix Ratings API blog post.

CastingWordsThe CastingWords API allows developers to put their 100% human transcription service into their applications. The CastingWords API takes audio files and transcribes them in plain text; HTML and MS word formats for a flat rate fee per minute of audio. To learn more about how the CastiingWords API works visit the CastingWords site as well as the CastingWords API blog post.

QueekyPaintQueeky is an interactive online drawing community where artists are given special drawing tools to create their own art. The site even allows people to watch other people draw, create animated drawings, and collaborate in real time. The Queeky API simply allows developers access to the data of the site so they can integrate it into their own blogs and websites.  To learn more about the Queeky API visit the Queeky site as well as the Queeky API blog post.

FeinsearchThe Feinsearch API allows developers to integrate the Feinsearch service into their programs via its proprietary EIN Batchmatch. The API allows searches of EIN numbers ranging from just a couple to thousands for a small fee. The Feinsearch database has roughly 16 million businesses and suppliers. To learn more about the Feinsearch API visit the Feinsearch site as well as the Feinsearch API blog post.

ElectionsOnline EvoteThe ElectionsOnline API allows users, specifically businesses, to create elections pages. Functionality of the API also includes testing capabilities, real time updates of the running election, and an email notification system to reach those who have yet to vote. To learn more about the ElectionsOnline API visit the ElectionsOnline site as well as the ElectionsOnline API blog post.

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