API Spotlight: Fusebill, Cameratag, and Tito APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, twelve were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those twelve, which included Google's many newly released APIs. Included in Googles recent releases are the Content Experiments, Cloud SQL API, CalDAV, and the CardDAV APIs. To give a background on each, the CalDAV API allows developers to manage their calendar, the CardDAV to manage contacts, the Content Experiments allowing for Google Analytics to be used for A/B testing, and finally the Cloud SQL API to perform certain tasks for MySQL database. To learn more about these APIs, visit the Google page as well as the Google API blog post.

Leap MotionLeap Motion, focused on perfecting gesture-control, has announced the upcoming release of their Leap Motion SDK. The SDK will add onto Leap Motions API, giving developers the ability to use the motion and gesture data from Leap Motions USB gesture control device. Specifically, it will aid developers in the transition from mouse-like 2D interactions to a 3D workspace. To learn more about the Leap Motion SDK or API, visit the Leap Motion site as well as the Leap Motion API blog post.

CameraTagEver want to collect the videos from your users web cams? the CameraTag API does just that, giving developers the ability to collect large amounts of video with just one line of code. CameraTag gives their users the ability to record video in 240p up to 720p, all of which can be accessed by the developers with the API. To learn more about the CameraTag API visit the CameraTag site as well as the CameraTag API blog post.

NewsweaverThe Newsweaver API aims to increase customer and intra-company engagement through email campaigns. As an internal communications tool, it allows developers access to push messaging functionality. As a email marketing campaign tool, it gives developers access to multi-page newsletter, templates, and analytics functionality. To learn more about the Newsweaver API visit the Newsweaver site as well as the NewsWeaver API blog post.

FusebillFusebill provides tools for businesses that collect compensation for their products or services through subscription. Specifically, it's service automates billing, invoicing, and credit card collections for subscriptions, while also providing billing and subscriber management systems. The Fusebill API simply makes this functionality accessible to developers. To learn more about the Fuseball API visit the Fuseball site as well as the Fuseball API blog post.

VizuVizu, a digital advertising brand optimization company, has released the Vizu API. The API gives developers access to solutions and technology to monitor, change, and enhance brand advertising effectiveness. Furthermore, the API gives developers real time data in the form of metrics and effectiveness through surveys. To learn more about the Vizu API visits the Vizu site as well as the Vizu API blog post.

AddThis is a social infrastructure and analytics Platform. For developers, AddThis provides multiple APIs to aid in Integration of social plugins. Among these APIs are the Client, Welcome Bar, Trending Content Box, Sharing Endpoints, Analytics, and Services APIs. With over 14 million websites using AddThis social plugins, developers can easily reach their brand advocates. To learn more about the AddThis APIs, visit the AddThis site as well as the AddThis API blog post.

TitoTito is a start up event managing application created by and built for event planners. Along with it is the Tito API, giving developers complete access to the event planning functionality. Specifically, fully customizable event pages, integration with Stripe or Paypal accounts, custom discount codes, ticket purchasing, and much more. The fact that event planners made it is also seemingly attractive if you are in the event industry. To learn more about the Tito API visit the Tito site as well as the Tito API blog post.

CrowdBouncerCrowdfunding is a highly debated, regulated, and newly legal way for non-accredited investors to invest in private companies. this obviously comes with extreme amounts of risk, such as Ponzi schemes from pseudo-entrepenuers. In order to combat this risk, the Crowdbouncer API was created. It acts as a force aimed to track investments, investors, and follow the flow of money through the funding portals. To learn more about the Crowdbouncer API, visit the Crowdbouncer site as well as the Crowdbouncer API blog post.

UnleashedUnleashed is an online inventory management software provider. The beta version of the Unleashed API gives access to some of the management suite functionality, specifically two data retrieval methods. Of these two are the editable resources and read-only data types. The editable resources include customer, product, invoices, and other endpoints. The read-only data composes of materials, companies, warehouses, and more. To learn more about the Unleashed API visit the Unleashed site as well s the Unleashed API blog post.

KantanMT's API gives mid-sized local service providers KantanMT translation capabilities. In other words, service providers are given access to a fast, statistical machine translation platform, providing their clients with speedy translation capabilities. Integration of this complex service can be attained through three steps, making it unbelievably simplistic. To learn more about the KantanMt API visit the KantanMT site as well as the Kantan API blog post.

CKANQuiet frankly, open data is extremely useful to anyone trying to learn, create, and use it for anything and everything. Making this data more easily published is crucial. That is the mentality of the CKAN API, giving business and governments an easier way to publish open data while simultaneously giving developers access to the catalog listings, full-text searches, and statistical data being published. The API is also available as an RSS/ATOM Feed that provides knowledge on changes and additions of data to the platform. To earn more about the CKAN API visit the CKAN site as well as the CKAN API blog post.

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