API Spotlight: Geopulse Context, Talkray, and Ephesoft APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the Rixty API. Rixty was conceived as alternative payment solution for online shoppers who would rather pay cash then risk their sensitive data on the Internet. The Rixty API simply gives developers access to the functionality so they can integrate the system onto their own website. Users must visit one of 500,000 retail locations to exchange their cash for a Rixty code(currency), that is redeemed from the API. Users then have the ability to buy anything from online games to products on private sites. To learn more about the Rixty API visit the Rixty site as well as the Rixty API blog post.

StormpathStormpath, a company situating itself smack dab in the middle of the identity protection and cloud development market, has released the Stormpath API. The Stormpath API aims to aide enterprises with the security of their users across the multiple applications and interconnectivity of the cloud. If Sony’s lawsuits from 2011 come to mind, Stormpath could mean the avoidance of similar issues. To learn more about the Stormpath API visit the Stormpath site as well as the Stormpath API blog post.

TiKL, the provider of mobile collaboration and communication apps, announced the private beta of their Talkray API. Talkray, one of the communication apps they provide, gives users the ability to call, text, and instant message through the application for free. The API will allow developers to integrate the same functionality within their apps for in-app collaboration and communication. To learn more about the Talkray API visit the Talkray site as well as the Talkray API blog post.

RippleAre you in need of a simpler way to pay people, with relatively no hassle and cost? Ripple is an open source payment network that allows users to pay anyone, anywhere, for as little as $.0001 per transaction. The Ripple API allows developers to integrate this payment functionality into their personal projects. It doesn’t support ACH, banks, or cards so they cost is only there for security reasons. To learn more about the Ripple API visit the Ripple site as well as the Ripple API blog post.

doctapeDoctape is a cloud storage service focusing on how users upload their files, how they organize them, and how they access them, with the goal of creating a cloud storage service that is inherently smarter. The Doctape API allows the Doctape service to be integrated with other applications. Doctape puts a unique twist on all three focuses above, giving users additional functionality and ease of use. To learn about these slight twists to the common cloud service, visit the Doctape site as well as the Doctape API blog post.

Ephesoft mailroom automation solutions help businesses by classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents. The Ephesoft Web Service API’s enables developers to implement Ephesoft’s Intellegent Document Recognition or Document Classification and Extraction solutions into their business workflows. Functionality also includes batch-processing methods to go further in its recognition services. To learn more about the Web Service API’s visit the Ephesoft site as well as the Ephesoft API blog post.

Philips huePhilips hue is a wireless LED lighting system that allows users to control their lighting online or from a mobile or tablet application. Users receive a wireless light bulb with LED technology for desired color of light, a bridge that connects the bulb to the wireless router and subsequently the app, and finally apps that allow the user to control the light. The Philips Hue API simply allows developers to integrate the Hue functionality into their app. To learn more about the Philips Hue API visit the Hue site as well as the Hue API blog post.

TwilioTwilio continues to take steps to aid businesses in voice and SMS communications announcing the joining of the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program. By connecting the Twilio API to the App engine, Twilio opens up to Google developers more than ever while seamlessly increasing how quickly users can scale business communications via the Twilio API.  To learn more about the joining of the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program visit the Twilio site as well as the Twilio API blog post.

SutiExpenseSutiExpense, the web-based expense management solutions provider, also provides the SutiExpense API that allows developers to integrate expense data with other applications. SutiExpense automates expense reports while providing analytical dashboards to help users understand and gain insight into their future spending patterns. Furthermore, SutiExpense has also been integrated with accounting systems for faster expense reports. To learn more about the SutiExpense API visit the SutiExpense site as well as the SutiExpense API blog post.

Factual Geopulse ContextThe Geopulse Context API puts location data in a geographic and commercial context, giving developers the ability to personalize the app experience. This means different commercial data is designated as, for example, retail districts, commercial centers, or residential neighborhoods. Coupled with demographic data to specify searches even more, Geopulse Context has gained new specifity compared to the old Geopulse API. To learn more about the Geopulse API visit the Geopulse site as well as the Geopluse API blog post.