API Spotlight: The Giving Lab, Plivo, HealthJibe and The Washington Post.

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, those ten will get thrown into the spotlight. Todays featured APIs include The Giving Lab API, which considers itself a charity and aims to help charities reach their goals through the technical side. To read more about how The Giving Lab is making giving, fundraising and paying money to charity easier, visit The Giving Lab API post and The Giving Lab Site.

Washington Post Campaign FinanceThe White House, Campaign Finance and Political Issues just got a little more transparent with The Washington Posts’ suite of political APIs. The three APIs, Campaign Finance API, White House Visitors Log API and the Issue Engine API, all provide detailed information about exactly what their name describes. Now, developers can integrate that information into their apps. To learn more about the three APIs, visit The Washington Post site and read the APIs blog post.

viaCycleAn API for bike sharing? The viaCycle API does just that enveloping functionality such as bike locations, bike availability, and additional information that can easily be accessed through a computer or smartphone using the API.  This innovative approach should call for some attention and we may start seeing more of viaCycle in the future. To learn more about viaCycle visit the viaCycle API post and the viaCycle site.

TD Ameritrade VeoThe integrated rebalancing trading interface, Veo, is TD Ameritrade’s newest trading API.  Utilizing iRebal rebalancing technology, The Veo API aims to remove tedious, manual rebalancing processes’ to allow users to trade, rebalance, and manage cash with ease. To learn more about this new mashup, visit TD Ameritrade’s site as well as the Veo API post.

PlivoNot having to worry about the nuts and bolts when building anything would be a dream come true. The Plivo API brings telephony a step closer to that dream, aiming to take desired call making and receiving functions off of developers’ hands.  In addition, Plivo API supports this ease of use into larger more robust telephony applications. To read more about Plivo visit the Plivo API post and the Plivo site.

HealthJibeWorking hard and staying healthy are two in the same with the HealthJibe API.  HealthJibe caters to corporations who want to aid their employees in achieving wellness goals and overall good health.  Employees can aquire ‘Health Points’ and receive incentives for staying healthy. To learn more about what HealthJibe has to offer visit the HealthJibe site as well as the HealthJibe API post

WinesteinEver wondered what foods would be good with certain wines? The WineStein API does just that, by selecting a dish and clicking “show wine advice,’ the WineStein creates a list of recommendations for a certain dish. To learn more about the functionality and Integration of the WineStein API visit the WineStein site and the WineStein API post.

TwitscoopTwitter trends are always changing and new tags are added to the enormous list all the time. The Twitscoop API, a trend visualization tool, provides a visual representation of the trends buzzing on twitter. In addition, tweets can be sent from the Twitscoop application.  To read more about the Twitscoop API visit the Twitscoop site as well as the Twitscoop API post.

TVSyncMore and more people are watching TV while being on their computer or phone checking their Facebook or Twitter. The TVSync API allows developers to create applications that offer simultaneous social engagement on multiple devices.  Specifically synchronizing music, television, and movie content. To read more about the TVSync API visit the TVSync site as well as the TVSync API post.

SureChemSureChem, a patent chemistry data site, released the SureChemDirect API that allows developers to access the sites data with very few limitations on how they use the data. This could mean innovation and scientific discovery with access for more information. One thing is for sure: more knowledge is easily accessible. To learn more about the SureChemDirect API visit the SureChem site and the SureChemDirect API post.