API Spotlight: IDLight, Purlem, and Covert Tracking with GPSit

Of the many APIs we published this week, fifteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those fifteen, which included the The Xchangeonline API. The Xchangeonline API is a tool that provides developers with currency conversion and rounding functionalities that can be integrated into their applications. Developers simply request the URL, specifying the desired Function, the amount, the current currency, the desired currency, and of course their API Key. The service can convert between 100 different currencies worldwide with the option of more currencies given a more expensive plan. To learn more about the Xchangeonline API visit the Xchangeonline site as well as the Xchangeonline API blog post.

IDlightEver wonder what your online ID might tell about you? Well your answers are solved with IDLight. The IDLight API allows you to access this information by either supplying an email address or a URL to the API. Once that request is received, the API will output responses formatted in JSON with all the relevant results it could find. The service is free and you can even find a nice developer console on Mashape. To learn more about the IDLight API visit the IDLight site as well as the IDLight API blog post.

PurlemPurlem, the personalized landing page and marketing service for marketers looking to maximize PURL marketing campaigns, recently launched the Purlem API. The Purlem API allows developers to integrate 3rd party websites with their PURL campaigns, making Integration with CRMs and Email Marketing Platforms easier than ever. Developers use basic CRUD when interacting with their results, contacts, and campaigns.  The API uses REST protocol and responses are formatted in JSON. To learn more about the Purlem API visit the Purlem site as well as the Purlem API blog post.

Cubify3D Systems, the creator of Cubify, has announced the Cubify API to add to the 3d modeling and printing Platform. The Cubify API gives developers a way to monetize their apps by utilizing the Cubify platform for shopping cart and sales orders. This allows developers to create 3D modeling apps that generate .stl,.obj, or .wrl that can be added to shopping carts powered by the Cubify Platform. Currently, developers get 5% commission on each and every sale of one of their designs. To learn more about the Cubify API visit the Cubify site as well as the Cubify API blog post.

PancakePancake is a self hosted business suite allowing you to invoice and bill your clients online. The Pancake API allows developers to access this functionality through HTML. Functionality includes Online invoicing, Project management, time tracking, Proposals, File delivery, and Client access to view their bills. The all-in-one business suite is RESTful and requires an API key. To learn more about the Pancake API visit the Pancake site as well as the Pancake API blog post.

Skobbler TilesThe Skobbler Tiles API allows developers to access the tile server and embed maps within their applications. The newly released API is compatible with Leaflet, Openlayers, and Google maps. The Skoobler API specifically integrates "tiles" with other map services These tiles display information coded to locations so users can discover businesses and other facilities available at particular locations. To learn more about the Skobbler Tiles API visit the Skobbler site as well as the Skobbler API blog post.

Bit.lyBit.ly, the popular URL shortening, tracking, and sharing service, has announced the arrival of some new features regarding the Bit.ly API. The Bit.ly API actually consists of eleven APIs that now offer three new functionalities. Of the wide range of Bit.ly data already available, the new features allow developers access to Real-time search, Bursting Phrases, and Url Metadata. In a nutshell, Bit.ly is giving even more access to developers. To learn more about the Bit.ly API visit the Bit.ly site as well as the Bit.ly API blog post.

CheckmarkableAre you needing a different solution to productivity problems? Checkmarkable is an online service that provides an effective time management tool that divides tasks into practical steps, with the aim of increasing productivity by allowing users to focus on their work and not their to-do's. The Checkmarkable API makes the functionality available to developers who want to integrate the service into their apps or websites. To leaner more about the Checkmarkable API visit the Checkmarkable site as well as the Checkmarkable API blog post.

The open source Big Data platform provider, IKANOW, recently released the Developer API. The goal is to aid developers in the gathering, analyzing, and presentation of data without spending large quantities of money to do so. This once expensive problem got a little more affordable because use of the API is completely free. To learn more about the Developer API visit the IAKNOW site as well as the IKANOW API blog post.

GPSit TrackFusionGPSit, a provider of covert GPS tacking, has released the GPSit API. The API focuses on four main tasks: real time logistics, transit condition monitoring especially for cold chain shipping, surveillance, and asset management. This allows customers to truly know what is happening with their shipments, including arrival time, re-routes, and precise measurement of chilled goods. It may even limit ATM theft! To learn more about the GPSit API visit the GPSit site as well as the GPSit API blog post.

Wacku, a team of freelance programmers, created the non-profit open API: OpenMedia.io. The platform collects video and media from sources while the API updates users when new additions have arrived. Interestingly, the API uses web-hooks to automatically send out updates and new contents so users don't even have to make calls. Currently no major broadcasters or studios are a part of the project. To learn more about the OpenMedia.io API visit the Wacku site as well as the OpenMedia.io API blog post.

Ad Server SolutionsAd Server Solutions is a one-stop-shop for advertising, serving, and management solutions, allowing users to manage and analyze their online ads while generating revenue at the same time. The Ad Server Solutions API opens up this functionality to third party developers. Functionality includes delivery data, campaign data, forecasting algorithms, and etc. Everything pertaining to the platform can be controlled by the API. To learn more about the Ad Server Solutions API visit the Ad Server Solutions site as well as the Ad Server Solutions API blog post.

Venuessen, A visual marketing company, has announced the release of its Venuessen Campaigns API. The Venuessen Campaigns API allows companies to create marketing campaigns boasted on specific Instagram hashtags and photo geotags. This makes it possible to monetize instagram, showcase instagram on other channels, and analyze the performance of marketing campaigns to name a few. To learn more about the Venuessen Campaigns API visit the Venuessen site as well as the Venuessen API blog post.

StatHatThe StatHat API makes it easy to see your apps performance based upon API calls. The API is easily integratable, maybe even one line of code, that graphs the changes of API calls over time. It also allows developers different chart options, including histograms, data as three different charts, and different time intervals. To learn more about the StatHat API visit the StatHat site as well as the StatHat API blog post.

Retail Intelligence Data Digitalfolio shows real time changes in price at rates as frequently as every six seconds. The Digitalfolio API, in a nutshell, helps with the integration of that data. Currently they work with companies such as, Amazon, Newegg, Target, Bestbuy, Sears, Walmart and etc. These companies already know consumers will compare prices anyway. Digitalfolio simply does it for them. To learn more about the Digitalfolio API visit the Digitalfolio site as well as the Digitafolio API blog post.

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