API Spotlight: In2era, MagPlus, and the Nike API

Of the many APIs we published last week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eleven, which included the in2era API. in2era is a Web Service for selling ebooks through online distributor. The in2era API allows developers to manage subscriptions to educational content, logo branding functionality, and the ability to handle transactions in the desired language and currency of choice.  Online distributors take a small fee. To learn more about the in2era API visit the in2era site as well as the in2era API blog post.

MenuManiaIf you are a food and dinning enthusiast, or just love food in general, chances are you always want a good guide to new restaurants. MenuMania does just that by offering a community-based restaurant guide for people in New Zealand. The MenuMania API allows developers to access the database of restaurant information so they can use it on their websites or applications. Furthermore, all data is in real time. To learn more about the MenuMania API visit the MenuMania site as well as the MenuMania API blog post.

Docket AlarmAnyone who has had jury duty knows the time consuming process of checking the docket for developments. This is where Docket Alarm came in and made checking the statuses online possible, or a mobile device. The Docket Alarm API makes that functionality available to developers who want to integrate it into their apps or websites. It provides immediate updates for district courts, circuit courts, international trade commission and etc. To learn more about the Docket Alarm API visit the Docket Alarm site as well as the Docket Alarm API blog post.

Punkrock.orgPunkrock.org is a social punk rock community that aims to provide a 100% pure punk rock network to its users. The Punkrock.org API allows users to access their personal user information on Punkrock.org, including mail, photos, updates and friends. Moreover, users can build their own page, promote their own band, listen to songs and etc. To learn more about the Punkrock.org API visits the Punkrock.org site as well as the Punkrock.org API blog post.

ZootleZootle is a Uk based CRM provider allowing business to obtain CRM and commerce packages through its SalesSystemCRM API. The API allows developers to integrate an entire commerce solution, ranging from shopping carts, order tracking, payment processing, and most importantly an API for full Integration. Most CRM providers limit the integration capabilities to the CRM itself. To learn more about the SalesSystemCRM API visit the Zootle site as well as the SalesSystemCRM API blog post.

MagPlusMagPlus is a publishing and content creation tool allowing non-tech-savvy creatives create and publish smartphone and tablet applications. The MagPlus API simply makes the functionality available to developers for their integration ideas. MagPlus is based on InDesign functionality and acts as a plugin for InDesign, allowing users to design everything utilizing different MagPlus design tools. Once a user has a completed design they simply export it to the MagPlus production tool and the software is bundled to the design. To learn more about the MagPlus API visit the MagPlus site as well as the MagPlus API blog post.

reegleReegle targets governments, project developers, businesses, financiers, and academia as a clean energy information Portal. The Reegle tagging API automates the tagging process, the process of making large databases more searchable with tags. This allows for easier retrieval of information by automating a process that was otherwise very time consuming. To learn more about the Reegle tagging API visit the Reegle tagging site as well as the Reegle tagging API blog post.

AnniversaratorThe Anniversarator API makes the Anniversarator data available for developers to integrate into their site or app. Anniversarator is an online calculator that takes the date of a couples relationship, and provides them with a reason to celebrate their anniversary every single day. If you want to learn more about the crazy things the Anniversarator API can provide you to ceebrte with, visits the Anniversarator site as well as the Anniversarator API blog post.

Goodzer Local productsGoodzer can show someone where to buy almost anything. Their database includes over 2.5 billion products listed in over a half a million stores. The Goodzer API allows developers to integrate the Goodzer functionality into their website or app to get them exactly where they need to go. Allowing for developers to instantly enrich their search inventory. To learn more about the Goodzer API visit the Goodezer site as well as the Goodzer API blog post.

ZupplerThe Zuppler API allows restaurants to integrate Zupper's online ordering system onto their existing website. This allows people to go to Zuppler, select the restaurant they want to eat at, order the meals that they want, and have Zuppler fax the restaurant the order. This also allows multiple people to place an order using the same website link, minimizing the hassle of getting orders from everyone. To learn more about the Zuppler API visit the Zuppler site as well as the Zuppler API blog post.

Nike PlusNike has launched the Nike+ API Developer Portal, giving developers access to the data captured by Nike+FuelBand and Nike+Running through an API. This gives developers access to Fuelband data such as calories burned, NikeFuel earned, daily goal, and streaks. As well as data on the Nike+ running, which includes distance, pace, and GPS location data. To learn more about the Nike+ API visit the Nike site as well as the Nike+ API blog post.

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