API Spotlight: InternetDJ, Shoutlet, and AT&T's Call Management API

Of the many APIs we published this week, six were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we will toss those six into the spotlight, which include the Internet DJ API. The Internet DJ API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of the Internet DJ site into their application. The functionality allows for access to site news, forum, music and new release, mixes, song of the day, and data about pretty much everything the site has to offer. API requests are limited to 5,000 a day and responses are formatted in JSON. To learn more about the Internet DJ API visit the Internet DJ site as well as the Internet DJ API blog post.

Nature.com OpenSearchThe Nature Publishing Group (NPG) launched its OpenSearch API, granting developers access to the publishers scientific and medical information. The database has over half a million-research articles, all of which are accessible for sites and apps via the API. Functionality includes keyword search, citation search, publication search, time search and etc. To lean more about the OpenSearch API visit the Nature Publishing Group site as well as the OpenSearch API blog post.

ShoutletShoutlet is an enterprise social marketing Platform that is looking to expand even further with its Shoutlet API. The Shoutlet API allows developers to gather contact information, from an online sign up form or application, and automatically update the Shoutlet contact database. Contact field include name, email, phone, address, work information, online presence, and basic location. To learn more about the Shoutlet API visit the Shoutlet site as well as the Shoutlet API blog post.

AT&T announced the Call Management API, Alpha API program, and several AT&T API platform updates. The Call Management API enables web browser’s real-time communications (RTC) capabilities such as video chat. The Alpha API program allows developers to give feedback on the early stages of AT&T's API development. The Call Management API is currently in Alpha status, so in a nutshell a beta is available for testing and feedback. To lean more about the Call Management API visit the AT&T site as well as the Call Management API blog post.

Shaw Tracking Hours of ServiceShaw Tracking offers a Web Service that is an electronic on-board recording system that monitors real time driving information, odometer readings, violations and etc. The HOS API (Hours of Service) makes this data available to developers sites or apps. API functionality is SOAP based. To lean more about the Shaw Tracking Hours of Service API visit the Shaw tracking site as well as the HOS API blog post.

PanoptixPanoptix API, by Johnson Controls, is a suite of API's designed to aid building developers and managers with maintaining maximum efficiency and minimizing costs. The suite launched with four APIs and has now released another four. These are composed of the AHU(Air Handling Unit) data, VAV(Variable Air Volume box) Data, HVAC(Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning) Trend Data, and the HVAC Trend Properties API. To lean more about the new APIs visit the Panoptix site as well as the Panoptix API blog post.

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