API Spotlight: InviteBox, Codeproof, and Fresh Powder Updates With OpenSnow

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eight, which included the InviteBox Reward Callback API. InviteBox is a social referral program that offers incentives to sign up for a site or service. Functionality allows developers to see reports of users posting to social channels, when a friend visits a referred site, and when someone completes a referral goal. To learn more about the InviteBox Reward Callback API visit the InviteBox site as well as the Reward Callback API blog post.

OpenSnowThe OpenSnow API provides access to snow information in select areas. It aims to provide very accurate information on the quality of snow; specifically whether it is good quality powder and conditions for mountain activities. To round out the service it even incorporates the ability to “ask the weather man” questions for advice on any activity involving snow. To learn more about the OpenSnow API visit the OpenSnow site as well as the OpenSnow API blog post.

Codeproof MDMThe Codeproof MDM API allows developers to integrate their solutions into Codeproof’s mobile device management (MDM) solutions Platform. The platform acquires device information, policies and application information from the mobile devices and then performs actions to keep them virus free. The API simply allows developers to add their solutions to the platform. To learn more about the Codeproof API visit the Codeproof site as well as the Codeproof API blog post.

CheezburgerCheezburger, a social humor network, released the Cheezburger API that allows developers to create applications (mobile, web, desktop) for users to experience the Cheezburger platform. The platform itself allows users to post funny memes, lolcats, and any variation of humors photo. Functionality includes posting and retrieving images, retrieving information from Cheezburger sites, and user profile information. To learn more about the Cheezburger API visit the Cheezburger site as well as the Cheezburger API blog post.

FreebaseFreebase is a graph database that holds 20 million topics or entities; each assigned their own unique ID. The Freebase API allows the YouTube Data API to perform search queries using Freebase IDs instead of keywords. Most of the API services are no Authentication required read only. To learn more about the Freebase API visit the Freebase site as well as the Freebase API blog post.

Dress Code FinderEver worried about being under or over dressed somewhere? The Dress Code Finder API aims to solve that problem dress code information for over 70,000 venues in the US. Even though restaurants and bars don’t specify a dress code, the Dress Code Finder database gives detailed explanations to match the overall trend. To learn more about the Dress Code Finder API visit the Dress Code site as well as the Dress Code Finder API blog post.

IDS Knowledge ServicesThe IDS Knowledge Services API allows developers access to data searching on over 32,000 abstracts, over 8,000 development organizations and research in over 250 countries. The goal is to allow users access to information meaningful to them via the API. Developers can also create apps to better sort the data for users. To learn more about the IDS Knowledge Services API visit the IDS Knowledge Services site as well as the IDS Knowledge Services API blog post.

PVOutput ServiceThe PVOutput API allows solar panel users to upload their data to the PVOutput site to compare efficiency, efficiency by location, and results. The main goal of the API is to monitor energy generation; it also suffices to monitor energy consumption. The API has a limit of 60 requests per hour for both uploading and retrieving. To learn more about the PVOutput API visit the PVOutput site as well as the PVOutput API blog post.

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