API Spotlight: LairOut, Chrometa and Moblico APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eleven, which include the LairOut API. LairOut, in a nutshell, is a web-based event location directory that provides users with information on events happening around their location. All users have to do is enter in a location and date and the site will generate events taking place around that location at or near that date. The API simply makes this functionality available to developers via API calls. To learn more about the LairOut API visit the LairOut site as well as the LairOut API blog post.

ŷhat is a suite of development tools for integrating predictive analytics into existing Web and mobile applications. It takes a users model and turns into a unique API, allowing for seamless Integration with any system. At its core, well, is the Core API, turning analytical work into predictive APIs available for consumption by any software system. However, it is currently in beta testing and developers must apply for access. To learn more about the ŷhat system visit the ŷhat site as well as the ŷhat API blog post.

ChrometaEver wonder how much time adds up responding to emails, answering phone calls, and doing the small things required for work that may go unpaid and unnoticed? The Chrometa API aims to solve that problem by working behind the scenes and tracking every minute spent working on a computer. In addition, it automates the time entries for the user so they don't have to keep track of there hours at all. The API simply allows the functionality to be integrated with other applications. To learn more about the Chrometa API visit the Chrometa site as well as the Chrometa API blog post.

MMPCThe National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers (MMPC) researches diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases based in mice. All of this research, at least a large quantity of it, is now available through the MMPC API. Developers can pull information from the data sets and run analytics to further the knowledge on the information that has already been collected. To learn more about the National Mouse Metablolic Phenotyping Center visit the MMPC site as well as the MMPC API blog post.

TokBox OpenTokThe Opentok API makes it possible for videoconferencing over different devices and browsers on the web.   The integration across as many browsers and operating systems as possible, a somewhat daunting task, was met head on with Opentok's creator TokBox. Their goal is to extend the capabilities of WebRTC to help enterprises acquire face to face communication and to help developers avoid the API fragmentation that is created between closed markets. To learn more about the Opentok API visit the Opentok site as wells the Opentok API blog post.

VoxSigmaVoxSigma is speech-to-text service that caters to their customers needs by fine tuning and even creating products that are needed for a specific application. The VoxSigma API makes there speech-to-text functionality available for integration with other apps, less the customization and customer service of course. VoxSigma supports the following languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portugese, Romanian and etc. To learn more about the VoxSigma API visit the VoxSigma site as well as the VoxSigma API blog post.

Qualcomm Life, a health network and wireless Platform provider, has announced a partnership with WebMD as well as the limited release of the 2net Hub API and SDK. The API will allow 2net ecosystem partners to customize mobile health applications and services. On top of this, developers can integrate and connect wireless health devices with the 2net Hub Platform. To learn more about the 2net Hub API and SDK beta visit the Qualcomm life site as well as the Qualcomm life API blog post.

MoblicoAny developer looking to release a fully featured application is probably looking for a backend provider as well.  Moblico has been doing this task since 2009, mainly for large companies. Now with the release of the Moblico API, any developer can gain access to the features provided by Moblico. The various APIs within the Moblico API suite cater to anything customers have requested, as that was building point for the APIs functionality. To learn more about the suite of APIs visit the Moblico site as well as the Moblico API blog post.

ShotgunCreativity is sometimes hindered by requirements such as deadlines and the lack of organization when something is conceived and trying to be created. Shotgun is a service aimed at helping creative studios run smoothly by taking care of everything outside of the creative process. The Shotgun API allows developers to access the shotgun functionality, a variety of tools aimed to simplify. These tools include annotation, tracking, reviewing, collaboration, and communication between all aspects of the creative studio. To learn more about the Shotgun API visit the Shotgun site as well as the Shotgun API blog post.

Endationdatio, a business workflow and automation software provider, has released a few of its services via the Endatio API.  Endatio aims to solve enterprise network inefficiency. Naturally, the API consists of automation services, credit checks, sanctions checks, collections, credit financing, address lookup, and bank account verification, all of which are available for integration into third party applications. To learn more about the Endatio API and how it could help enterprises please visit the Endatio site as well as the Endatio API blog post.

Contactually is an email driven CRM platform and contact solutions provider. It recently raised 1 million dollars in seed funding and released the Contactually API with hopes of creating value-added partnerships with other SaaS providers through the API. As a result, the Contactually API allows developers access to Contactually functionality and contact data so it can be integrated with SaaS products and third-party applications. To learn more about the Contactually APi visit the Contactually site as well as the Contactually API blog post.

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