API Spotlight: Locu, LocalGuiding, and Reminder with Beeminder

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll illuminate those eight by throwing them into the spotlight. The eight included the Locu API, a database API that exposes Locu’s business information. Locu is constantly searching the web for business data. This allows developers real-time information about prices, menu items, venue information and etc.  With their success in the restaurant industry Locu is now aiming, with the API, to Branch into other markets. To learn more about Locu visit the Locu API blog post and the Locu site.

Google Affiliate NetworkAre you an affiliate marketer? The Google Affiliate Network API, specifically the link functionality, allows developers to request a list of links, information about a specific link, and create new publisher-specific links. In a nutshell, Google has simplified how affiliates can access and post ads online. This linking is crucial to independent merchants trying to grow their ecommerce traffic and affiliate business.  To learn more about the Links API, visit the Google Affiliate Network API, the Links API blog post, and Google’s site.

LocalGuidingThere is now a way to create your own unique travel adventure with the LocalGuiding API.  LocalGuiding is a service that allows travelers to connect with local tour guides to plan their trip, find off the beaten path destinations, and a different perspective and experience with traveling. Like other sites, LocalGuiding provides ratings and experiences of past travelers to help future travelers make decisions. To learn more about the LocalGuiding API visit the LocalGuiding API blog post and the LocalGuiding site.

HeiaHeiaHeiaHeia makes working out more social with its social workout forum. Allowing users to track workouts from over 400 activities, the HeiaHeia API focuses on both the personal and corporate application. Some features of the API include progress tracking, making friends, cheering and commenting, and a user level system that gives benefits. To learn more about the HeiaHeia API visit the HeiaHeia blog post and the HeiaHeia site.

BeeminderHave you ever had something you wanted to do, could do, and yet for some reason never got to doing? The Beeminder API aims to solve that problem by providing a service that combines self-tracking and commitment contracts to help users achieve their goals. The only limitation is the goals have to be quantifiable, such as weight loss; time spent taking care of errands, and etc. To learn more about the Beeminder API read the Beeminder API blog post and visit the Beeminder site.

RekognitionThe Rekognition API not only recognizes faces but scene types as well. Given a specific photo, the Rekognition software will analyze the scene and output a list of probable locations utilizing outstanding features of the image such as buildings, water masses, mountain ranges, tress and etc.  To learn more about the Rekognition API visit the Rekognition site and read the Rekognition API blog post.

Shuffler.fmSurf the web, listen to music, and learn about the music you are listening to with the Shuffler.fm API.  Shuffler.fm allows users to select a certain music genre to listen to and the process begins. Once a genre is selected, users are sent to the music blog where the song is hosted along with song info. As the music plays, users read information about the current song and then are sent to another site once the song ends, continuing the process. To learn more about the specifics of the API, visit the Suffler.fm site and read the Suffler.fm blog post.

Warranty HotelWarranty Hotel, developer for product warranty storage and management, introduced the Warranty Hotel API for retailers. The API allows retailers to include a QR code on receipts so consumers can access their warranty information from multiple purchases in a single location.  In a nutshell, they made their product available to third party developers. To learn more about the Warranty Hotel API visit the Warranty Hotel site as well as the Warranty Hotel API blog post.

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