API Spotlight: Metwit, PayOnDelivery, and The Nobel Prize API

Of the many APIs we published this week, thirteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those thirteen, which included the Kelly Blue Book InfoDriver API. The Kelly Blue Book InfoDriver API provides data on all relevant car models, features and selling prices. Specifically used vehicle data, new vehicle data, motorcycle, powersports, and anything with wheels. To learn more about the Kelly Blue Book InfoDriver API visit the Kelly Blue Book site as well as the Kelly Blue Book API Blog post.

Nobel PrizeThe Nobel Prize API was created to make it possible for anyone to call detailed information about a specific prize, laureate, or country. From this information you can specify a specific category of nobel prize, a specific reciepeint, and pretty much any mixture of refinements to display the intended data dating back from the very first recipient. To leaner more about the Nobel Prize API visit the Nobel Prize site as well as the Nobel Prize API blog post.

NYPL What's on the MenuThe New York Public Library: What's on the Menu API is the worlds largest menu collection, dating back to the 1840s! With around 45,000 menus, the process of documenting recipes is quiet tedious. Thus far the NYPL has transcribed 1.1 million recipes from over 16,000 menus. The API makes this data available to developers. To learn more about the What's on the Menu API visit the NYPL site as well as the NYPL API blog post.

ErrorceptionEver have problems with pesky JavaScript errors? Maybe faulty functionality that you can't find an issue with? The Errorception API aims to solve this issue by providing an API that tracks and reports errors as they occur in a users browser. It doesn't affect site performance at all, it emails you errors that affect you users most, and even allows you to filter the errors you want to see. To learn more about the Errorception API visit the Errorception site as well as the Errorception API blog post.

mygateThe Mygate API makes the Mygate financial services and payment solutions functionality available to be integrated into a developers website or application. This allows developers to integrate a payment gateway that accepts credit cards, automates recurring payments, processes manual payments for mail and telephone orders, and prevent fraud. It is currently available to Europe and South Africa. To learn more about the Mygate API visit the Mygate site as well as the Mygate API blog post.

The Open Exchange Rates API provides currency conversion between 161 world currencies. The API updates hourly to assure exchange rates are in as near real time as possible. It even provides callable data on historical exchange rates dating all they ay back to 1999. To learn more about the Open Exchange Rates API and how it can be integrated into a websit or application visit the Open Exchange Rates site as well as the Open Exchange Rates API blog post.

HQCasanova Weekly CO2Carbon Dioxide is a continually the center of debate around the world regarding climate changes and climate uncertainty. The HQCasanova Weekly CO2 API reports carbon dioxide changes in the air in parts per million (ppm). It draws data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Hawaii to show the changes. To learn more about the HQCasanova API visit the HQCasanova site as well as the HQCasanova API blog post.

Metwit Weather and ForecastThe Metwit API platform allows applications to integrate media-rich weather and environmental data to provide visual representations of local weather in realtime. Pulling pictures from Twitter, Instagram, NOAA and other sources, Metwit makes it possible to use tweets, photos, and metatarsi to provide interactive local weather information. To learn more about the Metwit API visit the Metwit site as well as the Metwit API blog post.

AddLiveThe AddLive API takes advantage of the growing web real time communications (WebRTC) movement allowing developers to add Live video and voice to their applications. However, WebRTC only supports web browsers whereas the AddLive API expands this for the development of iOs, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X applications. to learn more about the AddLive API visit the AddLive site as well as the AddLive API blog post.

PayOnDeliveryPayOnDelivery puts a unique twist on their payment platform by, as their name hints, not charging a customer until their product is delivered. The PayOnDelivery API makes the payment platform available for integration by third party apps and websites. The most important functionality is the security on normally unregulated marketplaces. Sellers get a notice that they buyer has accepted their offer, meaning the funds have been received by  PayOnDelivery, then the funds are released once the buyer receives the product. To learn more about the PayOnDelivery API visit the PayOnDelivery site as well as the PayOnDelivery API blog post.

MediaSpikeMediaSpike helps brands put in-game product placements into the world of social, mobile, and free to play games. Developers receive another revenue stream to monetize their free games while advertisers receive the added benefit of reaching highly relevant and engaged users. The MediaSpike API simply makes this functionality available for developers to integrate into their games. To learn more about the MediaSpike API visit the MediaSpike site as well as the MediaSpike API blog post.

The SmartFile Platform API allows the integration of the new and improved SmartFile Platform. This web-based FTP hosting and file sharing platform added tab style navigation, Filehub and SmartApps allowing users to connect to DropBox and other cloud file hosting accounts. To learn more about the SmartFile Platform API visit the SmartFile web site as well as the SmartFile API blog post.

The Stage of Life Coupon API pulls from the Stage of Life Merchant Network. The loyalty marketing agency has hundred of brand merchant offers, discounts and coupons on their network, all of which are geared towards people at a certain stage of their life. Access through the API allows developers to enhance their current loyalty program or get started making a new one. To learn more about the Coupon API visit the Stage of Life site as well as the Stage of Life API blog post.

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