API Spotlight: MobStac, Crittercism, and Push Entertainment APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, nine were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those nine, which included the VoiceShot API. VoiceShot IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows the automation of incoming and outgoing phone calls and sending and receiving text messages for application developers. This provides developers with a means to automate customer service and customize their application experience. To learn more about the VoiceShot API visit the VoiceShot site as well as the VoiceShot API blog post.

New York Public Library Digital CollectionsThe New York Public Library (NYPL) has released the Digital Collections API, giving developers access to digital manuscripts, historical maps, rare prints, photos, and more. The API allows developers to sift through over 1 million records, all of which can be manipulated and integrated into a site or application. As the NYPL continues to digitize its vast selection, this number will continue to grow. To learn more about the NYPL Digital Collections API visit the NYPL site as well as the Digital Collections API blog post.

CrittercismCrittercism is a mobile App performance management Platform that gives devlopers tools to monitor and fix errors within their app. The Crittercism API gives developers access to this data as well as the ability to integrate Crittercism functionality with other applications. Functionality includes crash reports, handled exceptions that highlight where code is working the most improperly, metadata, alerts, and etc. To learn more about the Crittercism API visit the Crittercism site as well as the Crittercism API blog post.

The MobStac API allows developers to integrate mobile apps and site management to any programming interface. It currently powers 8,000 applications and is usable via invite only.  The SDKs are available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. To learn more about the MobStac API visit the MobStac site as well as the Mobstac API blog post.

Billy's BillingThe Billy’s Billing API is designed for the small business entrepreneur who wants to spend more of their time growing the business and less time doing the accounting. Bill’ys Billing API handles invoices, contact, products, payments, accounts, transactions and more to simplify the accounting experience.  To learn more about the Billy’s Billing API visit the Billy’s Billing site as well as the Billy’s Billing API blog post.

Little BirdLittle Bird is a platform to help users sift through the clutter of the Internet to find the professionals they want to work with. The service provides tools allowing users to identify and engage with respected experts in their relevant fields. The Little Bird API makes all of this functionality able to be integrated with other sites and applications. To learn more about the Little Bird API visit the Little Bird site as well as the Little Bird API blog post.

Push EntertainmentPush entertainment gives users the ability to choose a range of loyalty applications for different types of brands. The Push entertainment API allows developers to access all of the loyalty program data for their personal use. Functionality includes direct contact with customers, reward programs that can be attained simply by sharing information or like a product over social media. Crowd Reward is the most prestigious, which awards customers for spreading the company’s business. To learn more about the Push Entertainment API visit the Push Entertainment site as well as the Push Entertainment API blog post.

Are you a developer wanting to test your email environment without risking user frustration? The Mailtrap API is a fake SMTP server that allows developers to test their email environments without the need of any customers. Mailtrap is platform independent and can work with most existing environmetns. To learn more about the Mailtrap API visit the Mailtrap site as well as the Mailtrap API blog post.

Creative Market is an online marketplace of hand crafted graphics, templates, themes ans fonts. The Creative Market API simply allows developers to integrate the Creative Marekt platform into their website or application. Creative Markets goal is to connect a market place across apps, sties, and services. However, the API currently has not been released yet. To learn more about the Creative Market API visit the Creative Market site as well as the Creative Market API blog post.

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