API Spotlight: Nexmo, Walk Score, and Listrak APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of bloggers. In this post, we will launch those eleven into the spotlight, which include the TitanTV API. TitanTV is an online TV guide service that provides accurate over-the-air and satellite TV line-ups for a user’s specific area, utilizing geo-location technology.  The TitanTV API allows users to access information on these line-ups as well as retrieve recording schedule entries. To learn more about the TitanTV APi visit the TitanTV site as well as the TitanTV API blog post.

GroupcentricGROUPcentric was created to address the issue of private sharing; something that has been questioned on large social media sites. In a nutshell, GROUPcentric is an in-application sharing service that allows users to privately share content across any app or site, knowing that it is safe and secure. The GROUPcentric API simply makes the functionality available for developers to integrate into their applications. To learn more about the GROUPcentric API visit the GROUPcentric site as well as the GROUPcentric API blog post.

VillarentersVillarenters is a site that offers various homes in different vacation destinations. Owners of properties allow their homes to be rented, through Villarenters, to vacationers looking for a more luxurious experience. With over 28,000 homes in 76 different countries, the Villarenters API makes it even more simple for users to check availability, locations, and reviews of their desired location. To learn more about the Villarenters API visit the Villarenters site as well as the Villarenters API blog post.

DeskarmaKnowledge sharing in a business is key to both productivity and moving forward, but that doesn’t mean knowledge is shared as much as it possibly could be. The Deskarma API aims to solve that idea, comprising of the basic knowledge sharing interface and a game mechanics and scoring system to motivate employees to share more. The API allows Deskarma to be integrated into other collaboration plans as well as other applications. To learn more about the Deskarma API visit the Deskarma site as well as the Deskarma API blog post.

Ask ZiggyAsk Ziggy, known as the “Siri for Window’s Phones,” released the Ask Ziggy API making natural speech processing available to be integrated with any app. However, it must be used in conjunction with other speech services to complete the service. Ask Ziggy expects the functionality to be used to enhance in-app search features through voice in addition to text. To learn more about the Ask Ziggy API visit the Ask Ziggy site as well as the Ask Ziggy API blog post.

ViralheatThe Viral Heat Human Intent API provides enterprises with the ability to engage consumers based off their social media behavior. For example, if someone were to Tweet, “I broke my iPhone” the Human Intent API would analyze that as a lead that person is in the market for a new phone, and phone providers could engage that user. In a nutshell, it analyzes text and finds opportunities for products to be sold. To learn more about the Viral Heat Human Intent API visit the Viral Heat site as well as the Viral Heat Human Intent API blog post.

BlitlineImage processing is time consuming and probably lands fairly low on the majority of peoples to-do lists when creating a website.  The Bitline API aims to solve that issue by providing developers with a way to allocate the image processing “job” away from them. Users of the Bitline API upload their images to the site, via the API, and submit the “jobs,” or things they want doen to the images, for a small fee. To learn more about the Bitline API visit the Bitline site as well as the Bitline API blog post.

Skybuffer Cloud ChecklistSkybuffer, the web application developer, now offers its web-based checklist via the Skybuffer Cloud Checklist API.  Skybuffer allows users to create work lists, schedule activities, and etc with the Cloud Checklist. The Cloud Checklist API simply makes this functionality available for Integration with existing apps or work flows. TO learn more about this free solution to stream linging processes visit the Skybuffer site as well as the Skybuffer API blog post.

ListrakListrak is an email marketing company that focuses purely on ecommerce. Their system reviews clickstream data, transactional history, and plots customers on a lifecycle grid with hopes of helping their customers receive more product sales and customers. The Listrak API makes managing and finding this data within email campaigns much easier.  In addition, Listrak wants to create loyalty for ecommerce sites. To learn more about Listrak API visit the Listrak site as well as the Listrak API blog post.

Walk Score Travel TimeHaving things in walking distance matters. From public transportation to grocery stores to even a favorite restaurant, having those things in acceptable distances matter. The Walk Score’s Travel Time API calculates homes “walk score” based off its location and distance to local amenities. Further more, the API allows for this functionality to be integrated into other applications. To learn more about the specifics of the Walk Score’s Travel Time API visit the Walk Score site as well as the Walk Score’s Travel Time API blog post.

Nexmo Wholesale SMSNexmo raised $3 million dollars to create an international messaging Platform. It does so through the Nexmo SMS API, allowing users to eliminate the need for carriers by providing a direct-to-carrier model, eliminating all unnecessary hoops.  The API comes in both REST and SMPP protocols, meaning the users wouldn’t have to build any of their own infrastructure. To learn more about the Nexmo SMS API visit the Nexmo site as well as the Nexmo API blog post.

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