API Spotlight: OneId, Quandl, and Surveys with the SurveyMonkey API

Of the many APIs we published this week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eleven, which included the OneID API. OneID aims to end the problem that many people have with too many usernames and passwords. It does so by combing a users security keys into one big, encrypted " BLOB." Apparently this information is more secure than normal user Authentication practices and is callable via the OneID API. Once a users information is in the blob, OneID authenticates a user when they are trying to log into a site by confirming three different digital signatures on different devices. To learn more about OneID functionality, visit the OneID site as well as the OneID API blog post.

Quandl acts as a universal data parser, parsing anything from excel spreadsheets to XML and API data. The site is composed of datasets specifically oriented towards economics and financials with various indexes from the US and other markets respectively. The Quandl API simply allows each dataset on the sight to be callable. This allows for a one stop shop for anyone interested in financial data, or economic news from reliable sources. To learn more about the Quandl API visit the Quandl site as well as the Quandl API blog post.

WhoSampledThe WhoSampled API allows developers to access and integrate the same functionality as the online music community, WhoSampled. The site allows users to submit any information they may have on a cover, remix, or an music information. Upon submission, the site reviews the material to see if its legitimate and suitable to be uploaded onto the website. From here the communal aspect takes place and people get to enjoy music. To learn more about the API functionality visit the WhoSampled site as well as the WhoSampled API blog post.

Business ProfilesBusiness Profiles is an online database of business registrations (i.e corporations, LLCs, etc) and the additional information that comes along with it. The Business Profiles API provides developers access to the massive 30 million plus profiles available on the database. Calls can be made by company type, name, or status and can return entire company records or specific data points. To learn more about the Business Profiles API visit the Business Profiles site as well as the Business Profiles API blog post.

MomondoBeing able to plan a trip or vacation is easy, but when it comes to optimizing costs throughout the entire trip many people don't know where to start. Momondo.com Is a free travel site that provides users with the best prices for flights, hotels, and car rentals to help users optimize their trips. It even provides local information and relevant tips and guides for locations. The Momondo API allows developers to integrate the same functionality the site uses with third party applications. To learn more about the Momondo API visit the Momondo site as well as the Momondo API blog post.

Vizrt Escenic Content EngineVizrt, short for Vizualization in Real Time, has a series of APIs that allows developers access to its Escenic Content Engine. These applications/engines manage news and content generation across all media/broadcast areas, ranging from in the field to in the corporate office. The APIs specifically make it easy to manage these vast libraries because they provide a variety of ways to call and manage every aspect of media content. To learn more about each specific API visit the Vizrt site as well as the Vizrt API blog post.

RoyBoyDealsIf you live in Lexington or Central Kentucky and are looking to save some money then you need to know about RoyBoyDeals.com. RoyBoyDeals works by leveraging their customer base to negotiate discounted rates with local businesses. In a nut shell, RoyBoyDeals tells businesses they can get them new customers if they offer discounted rates to RoyBoyDeal users. The RoyBoyDeals API simply allows for developers to integrate the same functionality onto their app or website. To learn more about the RoyBoyDeals API visit the RoyBoyDeals API blog post as well as the RoyBoyDeals site.

iSpeech Automated Speech RecognitioniSpeech, a provider of speech technology solutions, has announced the launch of its iSpeech Publishing Platform. The Platform was created so publishers could take text-based content and convert it into clear, quality audio at low costs. One of the ways to do this on the platform is via the Text-to-Speech API that completes the entire process. To learn more about the platform, the Text-to-Speech SaaS API, or anything iSpeech visit the iSpeech site as well as the iSpeech APi blog post.

Call Tracking MetricsCall Tracking Metrics is a simple call tracking service that aims to help user link incoming phone calls with specific marketing campaigns. This allows users, specifically businesses, to analyze each marketing campaign for effectiveness. Once analyzed, businesses can disband the failing campaigns and focus on the ones providing the best results. The Call Tracking API simply provides access to this functionality. To learn more about the Call Tracking API visit the Call Tracking site as well as the Call Tracking API blog post.

Viralheat has announced the launch of its new Social Data APIs. The social media monitoring, analytics, and marketing platform now provides a suite of 5 APIs consisting of the sentiment, Human Intent, Monitoring, URL Shortening, and Publishing APIs. The basic idea behind the APIs was to provide not only the users of the site with this functionality but developers with it as well. Developers have to choose one of three pricing packages in order to utilize the APIs. To learn more about the API suit visit the Viralheat site as well as the Viralheat API blog post.

SurveyMonkeySurveyMonkey, a survey creation, distribution, and analyzation site, just released its very own SurveyMonkey API. The API allows developers to access surveys and the data within them. However, the SurveyMonkey API supports OAuth which means developers could easily write tools to access others' surveys in addition to their own.  It will be interesting to see what SurveyMonkey and social partner HootSuite will make of the API. To learn more about the specifics of the SurveyMonkey API visit the SurveyMonkey site as well as the SurveyMonkey API blog post.

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