API Spotlight: O*net, Refill, and the ParkMe API

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the ParkMe API. ParkMe utilizes heat mapping to help users find empty parking spots in busy cities. For cold/blue heat signatures mean less activity where as red/hot means more activity. Depending on the area, these colors could mean open or taken spots. The ParkMe API simply allows developers to integrate the ParkMe functionality with their applications. To learn more about the ParkMe API visit the ParkMe site as well as the ParkMe API blog post.

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Tinypass is an e-commerce Platform that allows sites to charge access for their content. The Tinypass API allows developers to integrate the same functionality, similar to that of iTunes and New York Times paywall, into their apps or websites. As a result developers don't have to charge add revenue to earn money. To learn more about the Tinypass API visit the Tinypass site as well as the Tinypass API blog post.

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O*NETO*net provides occupational information to users by providing them career exploration tools, job analysis questionnaires, technical reports, and employer guides. The O*net API makes their database of information available for use in apps. O*net even provides a reference manual with code showing how to call each section of the database.  To learn more about the O*net API visit the O*net site as well as the O*net API blog post.

PhotocatThe PhotoCat API aims to solve the editing and retouching problem for social networking users. Through the API users are given a very intuitive environment to make photo editing simple and hopefully fun. Users can even create collages of photos as well. To learn more about the PhotoCat API visit the PhotoCat site as well as the PhotoCat API blog post.

Gravity has released a series of free APIs to further their idea of personalizing the internet.  The APIs pull information from the Gravity Graph Engine, which pulls relative information off the internet based upon each individual users interest profile. The API is accessible for both mobile apps and the web. To learn more about the Gravity API visit the Gravity site as well as the Gravity API blog post.

Backupify, a Software-as-a-Servcie(SaaS) backup and recovery provider, recently launched the Backupify Developer Program with a suite of APIs. The suite allows SaaS application developers the ability to incorporate recovery and restore functionally into their applications. The Developer program is currently still in private beat status. To learn more about the Backupify APIs visit the Backupify site as well as the Backupify API blog post.

SeatGeekSeatGeek, the ticket search engine, has released the SeatGeek API. Now developers are given access to the advanced recommendations functionality of the SeatGeek platform through the API. Functionality takes the users input and applies algorithms to compute affinity scores in real time, then recommends similar things to the input. To learn more about the SeatGeek API visit the SeatGeek site as well as the SeatGeek API blog post.

OpenEMI MusicEMI Music is a leading international music company with very reputable recording artists.  Over the years EMI has acquired quite a bit of content, which is now available via the OpenEMI API. The API gives developers access to the extensive supply of music content for Integration as they please. To learn more about the OpenEMI API visit the OpenEMI site as well as the OpenEMI API blog post.

Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription RefillWant an API for refilling prescriptions? Walgreens can make that happen with their prescription Refill API. As long as the developer application has scanning capabilities, the Refill API can file a refill prescription through the application that can then be picked up at a Walgreens store. Some other small features, such as reminders, can also be integrated. To learn more about the Refill API visit the Walgreens site as well as the Walgreens Refill API blog post.

JiveJive is a social intranet solutions provider, bosting 15% rises in productivity, a 13% increase in sales per representative, and etc with their social platform for the corporate world. The Jive API gives developers access to Jive functionality to create and implement into their applications. To learn more about Jive and the user functionality of the platform visit the Jive site as well as the Jive API blog post.

Digital music organization software, Elsten, has announced the OneMusicAPI. The API aggregates music metadata from multiple sources and puts them into a single interface. Currently, the API allows developers to call an album/artist pair and the API returns the cover art. In the future, the API will offer much more. To learn more about the OneMusicAPI visit the Elsten site as well as the OneMusic API blog post.

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