API Spotlight: Openmind, Dronestream, and Textbroker APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the Video Preview API. The API was released by the HeyWatch company, cloud video encoding leader, to allow users the ability to create image previews from a video. These screen shots act as a video story board, providing viewers with the ability to see with more detail what the contents of a video are. To learn more about the Video Preview API visit the HeyWatch site as well as the Video Preview API blog post.

Simplicity is awesome, that is why Amazon has decided to launch the Login With Amazon API. This effectively allows Amazon's 200 million active customers to sign into websites and third party apps with their Amazon username and password. The ecommerce capability of the API is the most intriguing. Amazon customers can not only login with their credentials, but can specify what information, if any, they want to be shared with the site or application. To learn more about the Login With Amazon API visit the Amazon site as well as the Login With Amazon API blog post.

CarpoolworldCarpooling is a great way to save money, the environment, and to make an API for those looking to participate. The Carpoolworld API gives developers access to the Carpoolworld application data so they can integrate it into their applications. Specifically, this data comprises of start and end point destinations, addresses, and routes so developers can match coinciding trips together. To learn more about the Carpoolworld API visit the Carpoolworld site as well as the Carpoolworld API blog post.

The communication services Platform, Openmind Networks, announced the release of their Openmind API. The Openmind API simply makes the mobile communications platform accessible to developers. As of now, there is no public Documentation of the API but those who are interested in developing applications can contact the Openmind team for more information. To learn more about the Openmind API, visit the Openmind site as well as the Openmind API blog post.

Animetrics Face RecognitionHave you ever looked at a picture and wanted to match a face to a name? Even add a face to a database so in the future it might be matched to someone? The Animetrics Face Recognition API provides developers with those capabilities. Developers can call upon the API to detect the faces in an image one-by-one, upload them to a gallery, and compare them to any matches in the gallery, returning information about the person behind the face. To learn more about the Animetrics Face Recognition API visit the Animterics Face Recognition site as well as the Animetrics Face Recognition API blog post.

Xero The Payroll API gives developers the ability to integrate and build applications utilizing Xero cloud accounting technology. In a nutshell, Xero is a collaborative cloud based accounting platform with everything a bookkeeper would need, including a payment plan. The Payroll API makes this payment Function callable via the API, so developers can create and retrieve invoices, double check transactions, and provide payment. To learn more about the Xero Payroll API visit the Xero site as well as the Xero API blog post.

SignNowPaper printing, signing, scanning and all the other tedious action associated with print are becoming a thing of the past as technology continues to innovate. Following suit is the SignNow API, giving developers the ability to integrate digital document signing functionality with their applications. Users upload their signature once and then click and paste their signature securely as they please. To learn more about the SignNow API visit the SignNow site as well as the SignNow API blog post.

The Dronestream API provides an extensive database for every U.S. drone strike since 2002. These strikes are recorded by date, location, number of people killed, and a trusted source to validate the data. Developers can utilize the API to create applications, specifically ones that visualize the reach of covert warfare over the past decade. To learn more about the Dronestream API visit the Dronestream site as well as the Dronestream API blog post.

TextbrokerSearch engine optimization is tricky but manageable, yet wouldn't it still be awesome to have an SEO expert write the article for you? The Textbroker API does just that, and more. Developers who actively use Textbroker can integrate the API and manage all their article orders directly through their content management system, site, or application. Also giving them the power to accept, reject, delete, and review orders as they please. To learn more about the Textbroker API visit the Textbroker site as well as the Textbroker API blog post.

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