API Spotlight: Planets Nu, Advice Slip, and Postmaster APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, thirteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those thirteen, which included the eBay API. After the creation of their developer Platform in 2000, eBay has released 19 individual APIs that are split to cater to sellers or buyers. To learn more about the eBay API visit the In-Depth eBay API blog post as well as the eBay site.

If you need a payment processing provider you might have just got lucky with the PayZang API. The PayZang API allows merchants to integrate the PayZang payment options and functionality into third party applications. PayZang processes multiple payment types providing some flexibility to the site as well as the API. To learn more about the PayZang API visit the PayZang site as well as the PayZang API blog post.

PostmasterPostmaster, a small package shipping provider for eCommerce companies, has released its Postmaster API giving developers the ability to easily integrate multiple shopping carriers into eCommerce systems. The API supports FEdEx, UPS, and USPS and plans to add more regional and international carriers in the future. To learn more about the Postmast API visit the Postmaster site as well as the Postmaster API blog post.

YummlyThe Yummly API provides developers access to over 1 million recipes, a hundred thousand food classifications and over 10 billion recipe data points. The Yummly site is a food and recipe search platform. The API takes advantage of all the information on the site and makes it easy for developers to access the information for Integration with their app or site. To learn more about the Yummly API visit the Yummly site as well as the Yummly API blog post.

Planets NuPlanet Nu, yes the play by email game from the 90's, has been revamped with the online browser version as well as the Planets Nu API. The release of the Planets Nu API gives developers access to the games functionality, allowing retrieval of game lists, load game information, supported login and etc. To learn more about the Planets Nu API visit the Planets Nu site as well as the Planets Nu API blog post.

Advice SlipAdvice Slip prints a virtual piece of encouragement or advice, like a fortune cookie in a sense, when the user specifies that they want advice. The Advice Slip API allows developers to integrate the full functionality of the Advice Slip site into their third party applications. To learn more about the Advice Slip API and how it could be integrates into your application visit the Advice Slip site as well as the Advice Slip API blog post.

BuzzbootBuzzbot is a social media business platform that allows companies to retrieve, monitor, manage and evaluate relevant data from forums as well as blogs and social networks. The Buzzbot API helps developers with this process by making the data more easily accessible. To learn more about the Buzzbot API visit the Buzzbot site as well as the Buzzbot API blog post.

BikeSpike created a GPS device that connects to a bicycle that can determine when someone crashes and even when the bicycle may be tampered with. The company aims to aide bikers even when they are not on their bikes.  To do this they created an open BikeSpike API promoting developers to create uses for their technology. To learn more about the BikeSpike API visit the BikeSpike site as well as the BikeSpike API blog post.

EscapioImagine a travel agency that categorized your vacation hotels according to lifestyle criteria. Now imagine a site called Escapio that does just that and more by providing the Escapio API. It allows developers access to the functionality of the site, which include searches by 26 lifestyle options such as sophisticated luxury estates, romantic country houses, stylish design hotels, historic palaces, rustic wineries, Spanish paradors, Moroccan riads and more. To learn more about the Escapio API visit the Escapio site as well as the Escapio API blog post.

BlockAvenue is a site dedicated to providing consumers with and idea of what it is like to live in a specific area. Through geolocaton data, the BlockAvenue API allows developers to call upon that data to create their own apps using the BlockAvenue data.  To learn more about the API and the growing amount of rated areas visit the BlockAvenue site as well as the BlockAvenue API blog post.

PlagSpotterThe Plagspotter API is designed to find content on the web that is plagiarized from other blogs or content posts. The API specifically checks the URLs and offline text that is on the web, allowing developers to call for this information to use on their sites or third party applications. To learn more about the Plagspotter API visit the Plagspoter site as well as the Plagspotter API blog post.