API Spotlight: Popyoular, BIPS, and They Said So APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the Cloudera Developer Kit. This kit will help developers build applications in Hadoop environments by providing them with API tools and reducing the barriers to entry. Meaning the rather expensive environment will be more open due to efficiency tips and tools provided by the CDK. To learn more about what exactly the Cloudera developer kit does, visit the Cloudera site as well as the Cloudera API blog post.

Toma.hkThe Toma.hk API is a music lovers dream. The open source, cross- Platform music player allows users to play music from multiple sources. This functionality is all possible due to their search APIs, which search for streaming services that best cater to a specific users audio search. Furthermore, if this streaming service isn't compatible, Toma.hk provides content resolvers that fix those pesky issues. To learn more about the Toma.hk API visit the Toma.hk site as well as the Toma.hk API blog post.

PlanspotPlanspot gives developers access to its marketing tools via the Planspot API. The Planspot platform acts as an all in one event promotion and marketing tool. Functionality includes web pages, mailing campaigns, social media marketing, and help and support the entire way. Planspot even allows for ticketing companies to forward clients over to the intended event website for marketing purposes. To learn more about the Planspot API visit the Planspot site as well as the Planspot API blog post.

Weather SourceThe Weather Source API provides data on weather conditions, but with a twist. The data caters towards businesses, providing them with weather data that could affect foot traffic, event attendance, product viewership, sales, and etc. This data can be integrated with other applications through the use of the Weather Source API. It even allows for interactive reports, spreadsheets, and PDFs to be highly customized for differing businesses. To learn more about the Weather Source API visit the Weather Source site as well as the Weather Source API blog post.

They Said SoIf you are looking for a simple way to quote  those who say it better, look no further, the They Said So API does just that. The They Said So website holds an extensive database with over a million quotes from a hundred thousand different authors. Developers can access all these quotes through the API, which also categorizes the quotes to find them easier. To learn more about the They Said So API visit the They Said So site as well as the They Said So API blog post.

Boxfish is an up and coming television discovery company specializing in the ability for users to search and discover the exact area of television they want to. Meaning users can use basic language searches to identify topics currently discussed on TV. The Boxfish API simply makes this functionality accessible for developers who wish to integrate it into their third party apps. To learn more about the Boxfish API visit the Boxfish site as well as the Boxfish API blog post.

Glympse is a service that allows users of GPS-enabled mobile phones to share their location temporarily, in real time. The Glympse API allows developers to integrate real time sharing of GPS locations to their third party applications and websites. Users can specify how long they want to share their location as well. To learn more about the Glympse API visit the Glympse site as well as the Glympse API blog post.

USDA National Farmers Market DirectoryThe USDA Farmers Market Directory API provides developers access to the directory database. This database consists of over 7,800 farmers market listings, as well as information about locations, operating times, accepted forms of payment, and product offerings. Data can be accessed by calling to the API and developers are encouraged to create apps that spread the knowledge. To learn more about the USDA Farmers Market Directory API visit the USDA site as well as the Farmers Market API blog post.

BIPSBIPS is a payment system surrounding the growing digital currency called, Bitcoins. The BIPS API gives developers access to transaction based, e-wallet functionality that is offered on the BIPS site. Common methods of the API use are to buy, sell, trade, withdraw, and accept Bitcoins as payment. To learn more about the BIPS API visit the BIPS site as well as the BIPS API blog post.

PopyoularPopyoular review-based recommendation platform. It takes a websites content and matches it with reviews and opinions, basically furthering the word of mouth marketing tool into the digital world. The Popyoular API allows developer to integrate this functionality into their apps or websites. The best thing about Popyoular, negative reviews are overlooked. To learn more abotut he Popyoular API visit the Popyoular site as well as the Popyoular API blog post.

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