API Spotlight: Positionly, Gyft, Cogito Intelligence APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, nine were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those nine, which included the Positionly API. Positionly is a web analytics Platform designed to help website owners see where their site traffic is coming from. The Positionly API gives developers access to SEO tracking tools, productivity of methods, reports, updates and etc. To learn more about how the API can be integrated into sites and applications, visit the Positionly site as well as the Positionly API blog post.

Activestandards provides developers with a website quality management platform. The Activestandards API allows developers to integrate site quality checking within their CMS (Content Management System). Upon Integration the API allows developers access to all Activestandards tools. Secondly, it breaks down the barriers between applications and devices making bug fixes easier. To learn more about the Activestandards API visit the Activestandards site as well as the Activestandards API blog post.

Gyft is a company aimed at transforming plastic gift cards into digital ones, with a little bit of gaming on the side. With the idea of creating an easier way for gamers to redeem their points, coins, and rewards resulted in the creation of the Gyft API. The API will do all that at a lower cost to gamers than current options. To learn more about the Gyft API visit the Gyft site as well as the Gyft API blog post.

The Forecast API makes its weather data available to developers to integrate as they please. This allows developers callable access to current weather conditions, minute-by-minute forecast, hour-by-hour forecasts, and day-by-day forecasts. These forecast go in depth about wind, temperature, humidity and etc providing predictive and historical forecasts. To learn more about the Forecast API visit the Forecast site as well as the Forecast API blog post.

Ebook GlueEbook Glue makes it easier for developers to ready content for ebooks. The Ebook Glue API makes this functionality callable via the API. Specifically, developers can convert webpages by a GET request and Mobipocket, ePub, and HTML files by POST requests. To learn more about the Ebook Glue API and how it supports over 3000 bloggers currently, visit the Ebook Glue site as well as the Ebook Glue API blog post.

PassDefensePassDefense is an application that authenticates a user and keeps their data secure by utilizing military grade cryptography. The PassDefense API makes this functionality available to developers, making it possible to send and retrieve data on top of the Authentication functionality. To learn more about the PassDefense API visit the PassDefense site as well as the PassDefense API blog post.

Cogito IntelligenceThe Cogito Intelligence API puts semantic technology functionality in the hands of developers. However, the integration is limited to security software systems and applications. The API specifically provides auto recognition of concepts, information and meaning extraction, and categorization of this information. To learn more about the Cogito Intelligence API visit the Expert System site as well as the Cogito Intelligence API blog post.

Hello Social aims to allow companies to better engage with their social media audience. Currently the Hello Social API allows developers to extend the reach of the site through app integration. Nonetheless, Hello Social plans to provide functionality in the future that would allow companies to track engaged users, users that recommend things, and users that are paid to do social media.  To learn more about the Hello Social API visit the Hello Social site as well as the Hello Social API blog post.

UmanoAre you a busy person who doesn’t have a minute to stop and read the news? Well the Umano API might be of use to you, converting written news into audio that is read by professional actors so you can stay up to date while on the go. The Umano API makes this functionality accessible to developers who can integrate it with other applications. To learn more about the Umano API visit the Umano site as well as the Umano API blog post.