API Spotlight: Shipping Simplified with TrackThis and Temando, and Lighting with Spark

Of the many APIs we published this week, seventeen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those seventeen, which included the Anime News Network Encyclopedia API. The Anime News Network holds a database of over 14,000 titles, from over 10,000 companies. The API allows developers to request general reports and detailed information about anime titles, for up to 50 requests at a single time. To learn more about the Anime News Network Encyclopedia API visit the Anime News Network site as well as the Anime News Network Encyclopedia API blog post.

VIOLINThe VIOLIN API, created by The University of Michigan Medical School, is a Vaccine Investigation and Online Information Network (VIOLIN). In a nutshell, the VIOLIN API allows developers access to vast amounts of vaccine data comprised of hundreds of years of research. Opening the gates to users who can comprise the data and hopefully aid VIOLIN’s goal of attacking infectious diseases. To learn more about the VIOLIN API visit the VIOLIN site as well as the VIOLIN API blog post.

TrainingPeaksHave you ever thought about participating in an Ironman Triathlon? If you are seriously considering swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and then running 26.2 miles, the TrainingPeaks SOAP API may be of use. The TrainingPeaks API is a Platform that helps coaches and athletes add users, track and upoad data, get workouts, and hopefully achieve peak performance. The API helps measure Training Stress Score, Intensity Factor, and various other things to help the athlete perform throughout the Triathalon. To learn more about the TrainingPeaks API visit the TrainingPeaks site as well as the TrainingPeaks SOAP API blog post.

Sermon BrowserThe Sermon Browser API allows developer’s access to Bible verses, but not just any specific Bible version. The API offers Bibles in 53 versions, the New Testament in a further 13, four editions of the Greek NT, 6 of the Hebrew Old Testament, and 2 of the LXX. On top of these vast collections, multiple languages are available as well. To learn more about the Sermon Browser API visit the Sermon Browser site as well as the Sermon Browser API blog post.

StreakThe Streak API integrates client relationship platform (CRM) into other enterprise applications. Streak allows users to mange issues such as sales, bug tracking, and hiring via your Gmail account. Furthermore, automated reminders, newsfeed alerts about changes to data, and search capabilities are all parts of the API functionality. To learn more about the Streak API visit the Streak site as well as the Streak API blog post.

Assembla, a provider of software development and project management tools, announced the release of its new Assembla API. Although not much specifics are available about the API, it does provide resources to be used by external applications, using OAuth 2 Authentication. In order to use the API develpers must register their application on Assmebla and follow OAuth 2 protocol. To learn more about the Assembla API visit the Assembla site as well as the Assembla API blog post.

CityworksHave you ever wanted a better way to report a pesky pothole in the road? The Cityworks API is the answer. Cityworks helps manage a city’s assets for scheduling maintenance and replacements, and organizing cost-effective inspections and assessments. The three main tasks of the API include: providing access to citizens who want to make a service request, gives access to third parties to create applications for work order, and last but not least implements metrics with data values that trigger work orders. To learn more about the Cityworks API visit the Cityworks site as well as the Cityworks API blog post.

SearchBoxThe Searchbox API makes it possible to locate any public or internal document that is on the Internet or a users intranet. The Searchbox utilizes the Apache Lucene Solr search engine to access information in your intranet, emails, and internal documents, shared drives, and the cloud. Then it indexes and consolidates them all into a searchable format for seamless and quick access. To learn more about the Searchbox API visit the Searchbox site as well as the Searchbox API blog post.

MitoMinerThe Mitominer API allows developers access to Mitominer’s integrated priteomics database for mitochondria. Mitominer can be used to investigate changes in proteome that may contribute to mitochondrial dysfunction and its relationship to certain cancers and diseases. The API also provides users with a predefined template queries, however, users who register can create their own. To learn more about the Mitominer API visit the Mitominer site as well as the Mitominer API blog post.

NimbleNimble, provider of the web based relationship management site has announced the release of the new Contact API. The API is still in its beta and not much specific information is known. However, the Contact API is the first in the family of API’s Nimble plans on creating to aid developers in building third-party applications that use nimble features. These applications can then be sod on the Nimble Marketplace to help further engage customer relationships. To learn more about the Contact API visit the Nimble site as well as the Contact API blog post.

TrackThisDo you ever ship products using multiple carriers and want a simple way to track all of them without having to go to each and every site? Maybe the Trackthis API is for you. Trackthis integrates over 10 carriers and providers developers with an exquisite amount of functionality possibilities. Just a few of these include push notifications via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc., choosing what you want to be notified about, and even on the iphone. The best thing is, Trackthis says there is more features on the way. To learn more about the Trackthis API visit the Trackthis site as well as the Trackthis API blog post.

TemandoTemando offers a service to help the users figure out the price of the item they are going to ship. Enter in the dimensions of your box, to and from destinations, and receive a quote from Temando with over 200 carrier prices. The Temando API offers this functionality to developers who can integrate it into their third-party apps, websites, and platforms. On top of saving you money already, Temando leverages its order volume with carriers to negotiate better rates than an individual could get alone. To learn more about the Temando API visit the Temando site as well as the Temando API blog post.

FlightStatsFlightStats, the go to source for aviation and air travel information, has announced that it will be incorporating other languages than English very soon. As of right now the FlightStats API has incorporated Chinese but hopes to have German and Japanese by mid September. This language expansion is attributed to the fact 328 million people speak English compared to the 1.2 billion Chinese speakers. To learn more about the Language updates visit the FlightStats site as well as the FlightStats API blog post.

Maluuba Natural LanguageThe Maluuba Natural Language API gives developers the ability to include language recognition functionality in their applications. Currently the API consists of two mains components, the Interpret and Normalize APIs. The Interpret API interprets the meaning of phrases while the Normalize API normalizes values for dates and times. The API supports 22 different domains including music, calendar, weather, search and etc. To learn more about the Maluuba Natural Language API visit the Maluuba site and read the Maluuba Natural Language API blog post.

Tax Data SystemsDo you know the tax rates for all the other states? Chances are you probably don’t. The Tax Data Systems API aims to end that problem by providing a service that allows developers to the tax rate look up system into their software and automatically receive the tax calculation on their customers invoice. With this comes the option of separating different taxable areas to make sure you don’t have to worry about tax calculations again. To learn more about the Tax Data Systems API visit the Tax Data Systems site as well as the Tax Data Systems API blog post.

Spark DevicesSpark, the light bulb socket that takes an ordinary light bulb and turns it into a controllable light via the Internet, has released the Spark Devices API. The spark devises API allows developers to integrate the Spark lighting control into their third party applications. The functionality developers get access to include turning light on and off, dimming, and monitoring lighting use. To learn more about the Spark Devices API visit the Spark site as well as the Spark Devises API blog post.

VerbalizeItHave you ever been in a situation where you needed to communicate but couldn’t? The Verbalizeit API aims to solve that problem by connecting users to human translators or conference calls on the web. For a small fee users can call or text a phrase to be translated and Verbalizeit will either tell you over the phone or send you an audio file of the needed translation. Currently it supports French, Portuguese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish. To learn more about the Verbalizeit API visit the Verbalizeit site as well as the Verbalizeit API blog post.

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