API Spotlight: Stamps, TaxiFareFinder, and VetSuccess APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, fourteen were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those fourteen, which included the Stamps.com API. The Stamps.com API provides web-based applications or ecommerce site with a Platform allowing users to generate USPS shipping labels in virtually any technology environment. Functionality supports address cleansing, rating, package tracking, and etc. To leanrn more about the Stamps.com API visit the Stamps site as well as the Stamps API blog post.

Amazon has released the Amazon A/B Testing Service Beta. The Beta joins Amazons suit of APIs aimed to help developers develop games. The testing service specifically aids developers when implementing updates and bug fixes. Instead of affecting all users, the testing service allows developers to implement fixes to small control groups before deciding to launch it to everyone. To learn more about the Amazon A/B Testing Service Beta visit the Amazon site as well as the Amazon A/B Testing Service Beta blog post.

PosterOvenHave you ever had a problem turning physical customers towards your online deals and marketing campaign? The PosterOven API aims to solve that problem by providing a web-based tool allowing users to download, create, and print posters with QR codes. The API specifically allows developers to access and integrate this functionality with other applications or websites. To learn more about the PosterOven API visit the PosterOven site as well as the PosterOven API blog post.

ExaminareThe Examinare API provides developers with survey tools that can be integrated with their third party apps. Developers are given access to a large amount of commands including creating and sharing users lists, managing recipients, create and recall surveys, and etc. The API aims to help developers innovate and create their products how consumers want them. To learn more about the Examinare API visit the Examinare site as well as the Examinare API blog post.

VetSuccessThe VetSuccess API aims to help returning vets find applicable work and help them transition.  Specifically, it allows registered VetSuccess.gov employers to post job vacancies without completing manual entry forms. This allows developers to create a streamlined process of job submissions while also cutting down on the time to add or edit job posting. To learn more about the VetSuccess API visit the VetSuccess site as well as the VetSuccess API blog post.

Cloud CMSHave you ever wondered how to put your data onto the cloud? The Cloud CMS API makes that process extremely easy by integrating developer data with the Cloud Content Management System. The CCMS makes user data accessible to any web environment with mobile-friendly HTTP services. In a nutshell, the Cloud CMS API provides all the Back-end, infrastructure, and services needed to work with the cloud. To learn more about the Cloud CMS API visit the Cloud CMS site as well as the Cloud CMS API blog post.

TaxiFareFinderThe TaxiFareFinder is a cab fare calculator that helps cab riders with an estimate on the price of their ride from location to location. The TaxiFareFinder API allows developers to integrate this Function into their site, providing users with a way to calculate fare between two geographic locations. An algorithm that takes distance, duration of trip, traffic patterns, driving speeds, urban density and possible wait times into consideration calculates the prices. To learn more about the TaxiFareFinder API visit the TaxiFareFinder site as well as the TaxiFareFinder API blog post.

FlightStatsThe Flight Stats Flex Alert API is the newest addition to Flight Stats, a provider of global flight and airport information, growing API suit. The Flex Alert API provides access to push-based alerting. Meaning developers can create “Flight Alerts” that tell users of gate changes, changes in departure times and etc. It can be used to create new apps or be implemented to provide flight information in pre-existing applications. To learn more about the Flight Stats Flex Alert API visit the Flight Stats site as well as the Flight Stats API blog post.

Decibel CMSDecibel products are designed for developing, managing, and improving websites, extranets and etc. The Decibel Open API allows developers to create an app to work with Decibel instead of editing the app to fit Decibel directly. This aims to simplify common development tasks and ease the Integration for developers. To learn more about the Decibel Open API visit the Decibel site as well as the Decibel Open API blog post.

Doodle Republic ChatoonThe Doodle Republic Chatoon API makes the Doodle Chatoon platform functionality available to developers who may want to use it in their applications. Doodle Chatoon, to be brief, allows users to create their own custom images with text and send them to their friends. Users can also create e-cards, save, and share with multiple individuals. To learn more about the Doodle Republic Chatton API visit the Doodle Republic site as well as the Doodle Republic Chatoon API blog post.

SigningHub.comThe Signinghub API incorporates public key infrastructure (PKI) to allow users to sign digital documents securely. PKI digitial signatures sit behind the users annotated signature. Each signature is unique to each user and remains under lock and key on the server. Setting security risks aside, all users have to do is sign a document, send it, and wait for it to be signed and sent back. To learn more specifics about the Signinghub API visit the Signinghub site as well as the Signinghub API blog post.

FlocknoteFlocknote was originally a email messaging service for churches, ministries, and other organizations to communicate with their members. This bare minimum service aims to stay glitch free by providing only the Framework necessary to get the job done. The Flocknote API simply makes the service available for developers to integrate into their applications or websites. To learn more about the Flocknote API visit the Flocknote site as well as the Flocknote API blog post.

XINGThe XING API is now officially out of beta testing. The result: almost 150 active apps and 17 million API calls per day. The Germany based company is competing with US giant LinkedIn and Paris-based rival Viadeo for subscribers and users of the “business social network.” The implementation of an API can’t hurt to aquire new users. To learn more about the XING API visit the XING site as well as the XING API blog post.

App.netThe APP.net Messaging API, also called the “private messaging API” allows developers to add message functionality to their third party apps. The app is built around two central objects; messages like posts and messages like streams. It is then up to the developer to customize the integration most desired. To learn more about the APP.net Messaging API visit the APP.net site as well as the APP.net Messaging API blog post.