API Spotlight: Streamzoo, Yay and Birdseye APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the CoolClimate Calculator API. CoolClimate is a survey that allows users to answer various carbon footprint related questions to get an estimate on the tons of carbon they emit into the environment each year. The API gives developers the freedom to integrate this survey with third party apps.  On top of emission estimates, the survey provides information on how to decrease carbon emissions. To learn more about the CoolClimate Calculator API visit the CoolClimate site as well as the CoolClimate API blog post.

Birdseye MailIf you are a tablet developer you will appreciate the Birdseye Mail API. Birdseye Mail is one of the select email clients built exclusively for the tablet environment.  It focuses on revolving all email functions around touch, scalability, and short cut actions, alleviating some of the major issues with non-tablet exclusive services. The Birdseye Mail API simply makes the email functionality available to developers who wish to integrate it into their third party applications. To learn more about the Birdseye Mail API visit the Birdseye Mail API site as well as the Birdseye Mail API blog post.

ADP AdvancedMDThe ADP AdvanceMD API streamlines the charge, claim, and payment process for medical practitioners. AdvanceMD focuses its API around the functionality required to easily access all the information off electronic medial records (EMR). Functionality includes a physician dashboard for scheduling, a patient Portal for patient information, ePrescribing for prescriptions, patient encounter, and etc. To learn more about the specifics of the AdvanceMD API visit the AdvanceMD site as well as the AdvanceMD API blog post.

JotFormJotForm is a web-baased WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) form builder. The form building tools include Form tools, Quick Tools, Survey Tools, Power Tools, and Payment Tools.  However, the beta version of the JotForm API is mostly read-only and allows programmatic access to data without going to the website. It supports development in C, iOS, PHP, Java, Python, and Ruby. To learn more about the JotForm API visit the JotForm site as well as the JotForm API blog post.

Google AnalyticsThe Google Analytics Metadata API returns information generated from the Google Analytics reporting API. More specifically, it provides the dimensions and metrics of columns as well as lists. Some attributes that can be retrieved include app name, text description, deprecation status, and metric calculations, among others. The most exciting aspect of the API is developers can have up to date information on their metadata, callable via the API. To learn more about the Google Analytics Metadata API visit the Google site as well as the Google API blog post.

RipRoadRiproad focuses on connecting providers, payers, and patients together via mobile device. The Riproad API gives developers the power to integrate Riproad tools with their third party applications. These tools consist of e-mail, SMS, MMS, IVR, Push notifications, native smartphone apps and web. Instead of having a broad range of services for all facades of health professional needs, Riproad focuses only on patients that will need constant communication with health proffesionals. This includes asthma patients, flu safety, diabetes, and prenatal care. To learn more about the Riproad API visit the Riproad site as well as the Riproad API blog post.

The YAY Image API allows users to sell YAY’s white label images for commission. Developers who integrate it with their websites give their users the option to search, preview, and buy images from YAY servers without leaving their websites. The YAY database consists of nearly four million images ranging from just two dollars to a whopping 200 dollars, depending upon size and usage.  All images are royalty free and come in varying sizes so they can be used accordingly. TO learn more about the YAY Image API visit the YAY site as well as the YAY Image API blog post.

FosburyThe Fosbury API allows developers to externally create templates, passes and campaigns utilizing Fosbury functionality to connect with their digital wallet systems. Among others, Fosbury recently announced that their Platform now supports Samsung Wallet and Apple Passbook.  The increase in market reach will allow other businesses and enterprises to enjoy real-time campaign tracking and creation through the Fosbury API. To learn more about the Fosbury API visit the Fosbury site as well as the Fosbury API blog post.

iabol Shipping SoftwareABOL Software, the web based shipping service providing online retailers with multicarrier possibilities, has announced the iabol API. It acts as a one-stop-shop for shipping solutions instead of having to mess around with each carriers processing and shipping guidelines. The API gives developers access to 60 different carriers. Among these carriers, in terms of most well known, are UPS, FedEx, DHL, DHL Express, USPS and etc. On top of this, the API allows users to compare rates for the most cost effective carrier of their shipping needs. To learn more about the iabol API visit the iabol site as well as the iabol API blog post.

StreamzooThe Streamzoo API is very similar to that of Instagram. In fact, the two image sharing services are quiet similar but do have a few note worthy differences. Streamzoo actually provides 23 filters where Instagram only offers 20. Streamzoo also offers an in house collage feature where Instagram requires a third party application. Best of all is the difference in security; users who upload images retain all their rights to the image provided that the content is original. To learn more about the Streamzoo API visit the Streamzoo site as well as the Streamzoo API blog post.

Imprivata, a leading healthcare IT company, has launched the OneSign ProveID API for its OneSign single sign-on product. The API allows developers to provide medical professionals with stream lined electronic medical records while still remaining HIPPA compliant. The one-sign on idea poses security risks that are combated with strict Authentication protocol. In a nutshell, the Imprivata API allows developers to deliver electronic medical records to medical practitioners via a virtual desktop environment. To learn more about the Imprivata API visit the Imprivata site as well as the Imprivata API blog post.

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