API Spotlight: Topsy, Fareclock, and Braintree APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eight, which included the Topsy API. The Topsy API allows developers to integrate social metrics, social insight, and social content from past time periods or in real time. These metrics include the full spectrum of social media data. From simply counting the amount of hash tags for a certain topic to the influencers that started the topic in the first place, Topsy is extensive. It also indexes data in real time, which explains why they have indexed over 100 billion itmes. To learn more about the Topsy API visit the Topsy site as well as the Topsy API blog post.

General Motors RemoteGeneral Motors recently announced the release of the General Motors Remote API, which is scheduled to be officially released later this year. The API will allow developers to create apps that remotely interact with General Motor’s vehicles. As you may already have thought, this opens up a plethora of possible applications for GM developers to create. However, the possibilities are limited to vehicle commands, subscriber data, and vehicle data. To learn more about the General Motors Remote API visit the General Motors site as well as the General Motors Remote API blog post.

FareclockTime clocks are a common part of many businesses, but they pose a few pit falls. Workers can share passwords with other workers and find ways to get paid without actually working. Fareclock and the Fareclock API use facial recognition software to clock hours. By requiring this simple addition, Fareclock reduces the risk of fraud. This cloud-based solution allows for scalability or customization for company size, security, and easy Integration. To learn more about the Fareclock API visit the Fareclock site as well as the Fareclock API blog post.

MovideoMovideo is a MVP (managed video Platform) that offers a scalable service providing users with the ability to push videos to any device. The Movideo API gives developers the power to integrate the functionality into third party applications. In a nutshell, developers can integrate this functionality, which will allow them to provide their users with a completely custom media player experience. The API can be integrated as a JavaScript widget or through restful protocol. To learn more about the Movideo API visit the Movideo site as well as the Movideo API blog post.

QQSolutions is an insurance software solutions provider. QQ Catalyst is their insurance agency management system; a 100% cloud based system with open architecture. This is where the QQ Catalyst API comes in. It gives developers the ability to integrate the Catalyst functionality with their third party applications. Some of the functionality includes customizable dashboards, notification systems, digital file management, and more. To learn more about all the possibilities the QQ Catalyst API has to offer visit the QQ Catalyst site as well as the QQ Catalyst API blog post.

World Travel and ToursWorld Travel and Tours connects travelers looking for a good time with tour operators looking to provide that good time for a small fee. Weary travelers can rest assured though, World Travels and Tours prides itself on maintaining an inventory of reputable guides. All of this data is accessible to tourists, tour operators, and tour affiliates via the World Travels and Tour platform. The World Travel and Tours API allows developers to programmatically call the API for data on tours, videos, and photos. To learn more about the World Travels and Tours platform visit the World Travels and Tours site as well as the World Travels and Tours API blog post.

BraintreeBraintree is a mobile payment processing solutions provider. The company recently announced the launch of their Braintree Marketplace that allows payments to be split between providers and sellers. This also means that developers can take advantage of the new Marketplace functionality through implementing the Braintree API. In a nutshell, developers just got more payment processing capabilities through the release of the Marketplace. To learn more about the Marketplace functionality visit the Braintree site as well as the Braintree API blog post.

VivochaVivocha is an online solution to the often-lacking customer service department when shopping online. It works by supplying a live chat Function that allows customer service representatives the ability to communicate as well as a screen sharing capability so they can see exactly what a customer wants. The Vivocha API gives developers the ability to integrate those functionalities. Specifically, developers can subscribe Webhooks to Vivocha events, request new contacts, set a custom webservice for checking agent availability, and more. To learn more about the Vivocha API visit the Vivocha site as well as the Vivocha API blog post.

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