API Spotlight: Vegan Drinks, A New Way to Learn About DNA, and an API to Monetize Email.

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eight, which included the up and coming Intuit API. In a nutshell, Intuit will be opening an API to its financial data service in the US and Canada. This will give third party developers access to 19,000 sources of personal and business banking, brokerage and investment accounts for them to create third party apps with. Intuit believes opening its services to developers will bring new innovation that they may have never thought of. To learn more about the up and coming Intuit API, visit the Intuit site and the Intuit API blog post.

BarnivoreAre animal products ending up in your alcoholic drinks? As surprising as that question sounds, it is the problem the Barnivore API aims to solve. The Barnivore API provides developers with a list of alcoholic drinks that are 100% vegan friendly from their Barnivore database. This database includes over 8,880 entries that have been checked and double checked for accuracy, and if this is not enough, users can also check and update the database themselves. To learn more about the Barnivore API visit the Barnivore site as well as the Barnivore API blog post.

Tin CanThe Tin Can API is the newest idea behind a new learning management system.  This LMS brought to developers by SCORM aims to rethink ways to track, report, document and deliver online educational resources. In a nutshell, the Tin Can API will take a logical statement and convert it into some type of quantifiable lesson or result. This information then becomes able to track and the concept of learning management comes to light. To learn more about the Tin Can API visit the SCORM site as well as the Tin Can API blog post.

23andMe23andMe is a DNA analysis service that allows users to, upon sign up, send in saliva and learn about their DNA.  The 23andMe API allows developers to access this information and create new applications and tools. The most prominent information is related to health, ancestry and predictive aspects for future things to watch with your DNA.  It takes about 2-3 weeks for the DNA samples to be processed and available for viewing on the site. To learn more about the 23andMe API visit the 23andMe site as well as the 23andM3 API blog post.

LaunchBitAdvertisements sent through email? The LaunchBit API allows developers to create advertisements within their email to make API calls to data relevant to the ad. Meaning the API allows developers to call to the LaunchBit API, specifying their demographic, tags and etc., that will then produce an add most relevant to the information in the email.  This of course allows developers to call an ad that they created to be sent out in their emails. To learn more about the LaunchBit API visit the LaunchBit site and read the LaunchBit API blog post.

FullContact CardSharkThe CardShark API allows developers to send images of business cards that will then be transcribed into structured contact data that can then be integrated in anyway the developer chooses. The API utilizes optical character recognition to pull the information off of the image and turn it into organized data. It is a great way to not lose the information on a business card. To learn more about the API visit the CardShark site and read the CardShark API blog post.

MancxAsking questions online is sometimes rewarding, but a lot of the time the answers you receive may not be what you are looking for, or even no answers at all. Mancx is an information-trading Platform aimed at connecting users with business answers. The platform enables users to meet and share information directly and even earn money for their knowledge. The Mancx API simply allows developers to integrate a knowledge-trading platform for any digital application. To learn more about the Mancx API visit the Mancx site and read the Mancx API blog post.

Pearson dkimagesPearson launches its seventh API called dkimages. The dkimages API is an encyclopedia collection of 90,000 high-resolution images ranging from black and white to in-situ images. Developers can integrate the collection with apps by buying, searching, listing or viewing images. Developers have to buy image credits or credits to use the images on the database. To learn more about the API visit the Pearson site and read the dkimages API blog post.

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