API Spotlight: Vitadock, Viki, and Collaboration With Fleetly

Of the many APIs we published this week, six were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll launch those six into the spotlight, which included the Flexpaper API. Flexpaper is an open source document viewer. Functionality allows documents to be annotated: highlighted, commented, underlined, and drawn on. The API displays in HTML, HTML5, Adobe Flash or any combination of the three. The Flex Paper API lets developers incorporate publications into other applications. To learn more about the Flexpaper API visit the Flexpaper site as well as the Flexpaper API blog post.

Ontimenow The Ontimenow Scrum API is a management tool with REST calls and JSON responses, and uses Oauth2 Authentication. Functionality allows developers to call information about contacts, defects, features, tasks, incidents, projects, releases and users. The API gives developers tools to create and launch programs faster. To learn more about the Ontimenow Scrum API visit the Ontimenow site as well as the Ontimenow Scrum API blog post.

FleetlyThe Fleetly API allows developers to integrate their apps with the workout crew tools. Fleetley aims to make workouts social so users are able to collaborate with other users and are also ranked against them. What sets Fleetly apart from other workout APIs is Fleetly’s ability to keep users on track even when they customize their workouts.  To learn more about the Fleetly API visit the Fleetly site as well as the Fleetly API blog post.

VitaDock OnlineVitadock is a family of software applications and physical monitors that allow users to monitor vital data across multiple devices. It enables synchronization of blood sugar, temperature, weight and etc, between apps and devices. The Vitadock API simply makes it possible for developers to integrate their websites and apps to the Vitadock healthcare maintenance site.  To learn more about the Vitadock API visit the Vitadock site as well as the Vitadock API blog post.

VikiTired of watching only American TV shows? Well the Viki API aims to solve that problem by allowing developers to integrate a searchabe database with over 1 billion videos into their app or site. The beauty about Viki is its 150 language crowd sourced translations. Videos can be searched by genre, country, and language, all over the entire database. To learn more about the Viki API visit the Viki API site as well as the Viki API blog post.

POEditorThe POEditor API calls projected related data allowing developers to track progress and users to work on projects. POEditor is a browser based software localization tool.  In a nutshell, develpers post tasks that need to be completed for their software and other users can complete the task, almost like a huge collaboration forum.  The POEditor removes a lot of cost and time involved to create applications. To learn more about the POEditor API visit the POEditor site as well as the POEditor API blog post.

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