API Spotlight: Wedding Perks, Mobpartner, and Valutec APIs

Of the many APIs we publishes this week, eleven were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we'll toss those eleven into the spotlight, which include the Data Science Toolkit API. The API is a collection of open data sets and open-source tools for data science. These tools consists of Geodict, Text to Places, File to Text, Street Address Coordinates, and 6 more that can be found on their website. To learn more about the Data Science Toolkit API visit the Data Science site as well as the Data Science Toolkit API blog post.

MynaThe Myna API is a new form of A/B testing that learns as you test. Armed with bandit algorithms, Myna requires fewer page visits to conduct its testing which, translates to more money in developer's pockets. Furthermore, this means less time needed to run tests and increased ability to convert the site into what is currently being demanded by visitors. To learn more about the specific functionality of the Myna API, visit the Myna site as well as the Myna API blog post.

TrueSampleSurveys are only helpful when people answer with some sort of truth and validity, thankfully TrueSample aims to solve that issue. TrueSample, SurveyMonkey's validation go to, has released the TrueSampleAPI that allows developers to discern between qualified and unqualified survey responders. The API provides feedback on responder tracking( name, location, contact information etc) to narrow the qualifications down. To learn more about the TrueSample API visit the TrueSample site as well as the TrueSample API blog post.

We EattThe We Eatt API allows developers to automate recipe searches and access different kinds of recipe information so they can include it in other applications. We Eatt allows anybody to upload recipes, images, and even videos showing how to prepare the dish, all of which is available through the API. In a nutshell, Facebook for those interested in the beauties of food preparation and consumption. To learn more about the We Eatt API visit the We Eatt site as well as the We Eatt API blog post.

Wedding PerksWedding Perks is a site dedicated to helping grids and grooms get the most out of their weddings on any  budget. The New Zealand based, Bridal Fashion Worlds Wedding Perks gives access to style specialists, good venues, dresses, service providers, to the minute touches that make the perfect day truly perfect. The Wedding Perks API simply makes the information available to developers through simple HTTP calls. To learn more about the Wedding Perks API visit the Wedding Perks site as well as the Wedding Perks API blog post.

MobPartnerThe Mobpartner API allows its global affiliate marketing Platform to monetize developers unfilled traffic in over 200 countries. In a cluttered application market, the implementation of banners and text links allows developers to continue producing quality applications and receive other another source of revenue. Mobpartner has versions in both REST and S2S HTTP. To learn more about the Mobpartner API visit the MobPartner site as well as the Mobpartner API blog post.

iDreamBooksiDreamBooks is a book review aggregator that pulls reviews across different media outlets and compiles them into a single repository.  The iDreamBooks API simply makes their database available for developers to integrate wt will. Various books can be searched by author, title, ISBN, and genre to narrow the database down to the desired book. To learn more about the iDreamsBooks APi visit the iDreamsBooks site as well as the IDreamsBooks API blog post.

InfradoxThe Infradox API allows callable access to a personal database allowing users to upload their photos and videos. It is actually composed of two APIs, the Partner and Back Office APIs. The Partner API allows users to authorize their partners to connect to their database while the Back-office API allows you to retrieve data from your live database. All of it is streamlined for simplicity and efficiency. To learn more about the Infradox API visit the Infradox site as well as the Infradox API blog post.

DrillsterAre you trying to learn something quickly, retain that information, and only learn the things you need to know? The Drillster API aims to be the answer of that question. Utilizing and adaptive algorithm, Drillster updates what you need to work on or what you have mastered each time you answer a question, allowing real time fine tuning to speed the learning process. The API simply makes it possible for developers to integrate with other applications. To learn more about the Drillster API visit the Drillster site as well as the Drillster API blog post.

VisionProjectVisionProject, project management software provider, allows developers to integrate its functionality into existing websites and applications through its VisionProject Web Service API. The Web Service API includes all the essential project management solutions as well as often separate tools such as: time reporting, document management, CRM and etc. This makes each individual feature callable through the API, aiding project managers in efficiency and more. To learn more about the VisionProject Web Service API visit the VisionProject site as well as the VisionProject Web Service API blog post.

ValutecValutec, a cards solution provider, provides customizable cards for specialty stores such as merchants, restaurants, spas, and more. The Valutec API works in conjunction with the customized cards, allowing developers to load and manage the card balance, activate previously issued cards, charge purchases to the cards, and even methods to support ecard versions. To learn more about theValutec API visit the Valutec site as well as the Valutec API blog post.

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