API Spotlight: WhateverWeb, Bizimply, and Talkray APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, twelve were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those twelve, which included the WhateverWeb API. The WhateverWeb API gives developers access to the mobile developers toolkit via API calls. Specifically, the API is aimed to help developers take their websites and make them more adaptive, adding scalability and mobile optimization to their once exclusively web browser based sites. To learn more about the WhateverWeb API visit the WhateverWeb site as well as the WhateverWeb API blog post.

BurstlyAre you interested in monetizing your applications? If you are, then you might want to consider using the Burstly Skyrocket API. This API allows developers to use all of the Burstly APIs in conjunction with one another. Meaning Testflight, Flightpath, and Skyrocket APIs can all be used together to provide users with a comprehensive incentive and ad campaign. To learn more about the Burstly Skyrocket API visit the Burstly site as well as the Burstly API blog post.

CeleryCelery is a flexible commerce solutions provider and API provider. The flexibility of Celery allows developers to accept pre-orders without charging customers. Visa versa, customer can pre-pay for goods and service before they are available to be shipped. The Celery API gives developers the ability to integrate this functionality into their third party apications. TO learn more about the Celery API visit the Celery site as well as the Celery API blog post.

Have you ever wanted access to crime victimization data? The Justice Departments Bureau of Justice Statistics has just released the National Crime Victimization Survey API. This API give developers access to the frequency, characteristics, and consequences of criminal victimization that occurs in the United States every year. In other words, the API gives developers access to the massive database to integrate the data how they please. To learn more about the National Crime Victimization Survey API visit the Bureau of Justice site as well as the National Crime Victimization Survey API blog post.

Mathletics Hall of FameMathletics is an interactive learning application for children ages K - 12. Unlike normal math classes, Mathletics offers users different achievements and awards that make math more fun to some individuals. On top of this, the athletics program is designed for student to reach mastery on subjects, not just sufficiency. The Mathletics API makes student scores on different subjects accessible to programs as well as the Mathletics website. To learn more about the Mathletics API visit the Mathletics site as well as the Mathletics API blog post.

WP RemoteAre you a Wordpress aficionado looking for different ways to manage your site? Well look not further, the WP Remote API gives developers access to the Wordpress Platform through different mobile devices. Although no editorial changes can be made to site content utilizing the API, users get to manage multiple Wordpress sites on a single platform. However, this platform does allow developers to make plugin and them changes remotely. To learn more about the WP Remote API visit the WP Remote site as well as the WP Remote API blog post.

DuedilDue diligence is important when making any business decision. The Duedil API is here to help make those big decisions, proving developers with a means to check the ratings of a supplier. Whether it be the companies goodwill value, reliability, violations, and other necessary factors, Duedil will provide as much information as possible. Best of all, the Duedil API does credit checks on suppliers and partners for companies in over 20 countries. To learn more about the Duedil API visit the Duedil site as well as the Duedil API blog post.

PinpointersPinpointers offers its entire suite of tracking and fleet management via its newly released APIs. These APIs consist of Bus&Coach, Trailor and Vehicle tracking, Monitoring, Alerting, and Theft Recovery among others. Providing developers and business with information about their fleet locations, text for communication with drivers, and telematics are simply necessary things for good business. To learn more about the Pinpointers API suite visit the Pinpointers site as well as the Pinpointers API blog post.

TalkrayTalkray allows users to make phone calls as well as send and receive text messages. The Talkray API makes this functionality available to developers to integrate with their applications. Along with phone calls and text messages, Talkray supports group chat, voice messaging, file transfer for images, push notifications, arbitrary data, and of course video and voice recording. To learn more about the Talkray API and how you could get access to the bets, visit the Talkray site as well as the Talkray API blog post.

OpenJaw TribeThe OpenJaw t-Retail Platform provides companies in the Airline, Online Travel Agency, and the Loyalty and Hotel industries a means to create retailing across multiple platforms. This availability of platform technology, tools and support via the Tribe API gives developers the perfect building blocks to create new travel shopping services. To learn more about the Tribe API and how specific functionality works, visit the OpenJaw t-Retail Platform site as well as the Tribe API blog post.

Heroku is a cloud platform aimed to increase its reach with the release and implementation of its cloud platform API. Essentially, it is giving third party developers access to the same functionality in house Heroku developers have been using to create applications. In a nut shell, Heroku is bring a bunch of scalability options to any developer who chooses to start building with their platform. To learn more about the Heroku API visit the Heroku site as well as the Heroku API blog post.

BizimplyThe Bizimply API is aimed at managers in the restaurant and retail business. The API simplifies the management process, at least the mounds and mounds of paperwork, by providing a platform for managers to easily manage the day to day management isuess. Freeing them up to drive sales on the sales floor or provide customer service to patrons. To learn more about the specific functionality and how they program works visit the Bizimply site as well as the Bizimply API blog post. API tag: bizimply

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