API Spotlight: WhatsNew, TranscribeMe, and CityDeals API

Of the many APIs we published this week, twelve were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those twelve, which include the Instamojo API. Instamojo is a payment system for selling digital creations. However, unlike eBay or Amazon, selling a product is as easy as sharing a link. Instamojo takes care of payment processing and delivery, taking a 10 percent cut on the cost of the sale. To learn more about the Insamojo API visit the Instamojo site as well as the Instamojo API blog post.

The Transit AppThe Transit App API provides transit commuters with real time information about all things transit.  Users get the basic times, directions, and locations while also being given more enhanced functions like the ability to create personal schedules and itineraries. The API simply makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality into new apps and websites. To learn more about the Transit App API visit the Transit App site as well as the Transit App API blog post.

TravelManagerThe Travelmanager API helps developers access different aspects of the charter bus industry. It allows developers to make calls for pricing information, information about companies, and information about tours. This is particularly useful considering Travelmanager has 750 clients in 20 countries. To learn more about the Travelmanager API visit the Travelmanager site as well as the Travelmanager API blog post.

LifeData is a Platform that consolidates transaction data between customers and enterprises. This data, specifically the relationships found through Big Data engines, provides insight into many relationship aspects between customer and enterprise.  The Verisum Analytics API gives developers access to Verisum’s matching algorithms and verification technology. To learn more about the Verisum Analytics API visit the Verisum site as well as the Verisum API blog post.

HumanThe Human API helps developers with data related to health care, health insurance, disease, and other medical related data. It provides a way for developers to retrieve sensor data from multiple health data sources. How developers use the information to create applications could benefit the database as a whole, which is the idea behind the release of the Human API. Allowing access to information otherwise hard to retrieve could produce intriguing results. To learn more about the Human API visit the Human API site as well as the Human API blog post.

BidvoyFor those of you who sell things on eBay, there is always the question of how much to charge for an item. This is where the Bidvoy API comes in handy. Bidvoy is a service that browses millions of eBay auctions to provide users with information on average price, number of auctions, price trends, and price margin between good and poor quality products. The Bidvoy API simply allows developers to retrieve this information via API and use it in their websites. To learn more about the Bidvoy API visit the Bidvoy site as well as the Bidvoy API blog post.

CityDealsCityDeals.com is a website dedicated to finding deals and helping average consumers take advantage of them. The CityDeals API gives developers access to the CityDeals database, providing them with a way to integrate the searchable database into their website or application. Some functionality includes daily deals and discounts, and searching deals by location, merchant, or category. To learn more about the CityDeals API visit the CityDeals site as well as the CityDeals API blog post.

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SolarPlotsIf you are looking for more knowledge on the suns position, more than rising in the east and setting in the west, then you may be interested in the SolarPlots API. The SolarPlots API provides developers with a tool to track or locate the sun in any given location across the US and adjacent Canada and Mexico. This gives developers the ability to predict how much sun light will be on a location, the best time to be outside, and etc. To learn more about the SolarPlots API visit the SolarPlots site as well as the SolarPlots API blog post.

The Point.io API is all about how users want to access documents from the cloud. It acts as a sinle “hub” where users can specify what cloud storage system they want their documents to be stored on. Point.io then takes it one step further; it wants users to be able to access information on any storage system, whether that system is public on the cloud or fire wall protected on the backend of a website. To learn more about how the Point.io API works and how developers can use it visit the Point.io site as well as the Point.io API blog post.

WhatsNew?It’s often difficult to notify website users of changes or new features that have been implemented. The WhatsNew API aims to resolve that problem by providing developers with a service that notifies repeat page visitors of changes. Developers simply sign ip for the service, provide an RSS Feed, use JavaScript to track their users, and then customize what WhatsNew will say to the user once the enter the site. To learn more about the WhatsNew API visit the WhatsNew site as well as the WhatsNew API blog post.

If you enjoy printing, are afraid your product might not sell, and looking for a way to drop ship your ideas for a small profit, then the Printful API might be good for you. The Printful API allows developers to link their Printful accounts directly to the store. When a user buys a product, printiful will take care of printing and shipping it without any need for manual work. To learn more about the Printful API visit the Printful site as well as the Printful API blog post.

The TranscribeMe API gives developers programmatic access to the TranscribeMe Web Service. The service provides users with the ability to upload their videos and then get them transcribed into text or download videos that already have text transcribed with them. Either way, the company and its API aim to provide users with a way to search, share, and monetize their video content. To learn more about how the TranscribeMe API works please visit the TranscribeMe API site as well as the TranscribeMe API blog post.

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