API Spotlight: A WheelChair accessibility API, A Mobile Wallet API and A Restaurant services API

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll launch those ten into the spotlight, which included the Sloan Digital Sky Survey API. The SDSS has captured images covering more than a quarter of the sky, containing more than 930,000 galaxies and 120,000 quasars. The API allows developers to do a cone search, retrieving whatever is available for a given position in the sky and a given radius about that position. Developers can then take this imagery and integrate it into their applications however they choose, which may be easier said than done. To learn more about the SDSS API visit the SDSS site as well as the SDSS blog post.

SEOlyticsSEOlytics is a professional search engine optimization software system allowing users of the software to see their visibility on Google and Bing. Some features include daily SEO (Search Engine Optimization) monitoring, backlink analysis, and reporting. The SEOlytics API simply allows developers to integrate the service so they can see rankings, visibility, backlinks and Adwords data from within their programs. To learn more about the SEOlytics API visit the SEOlytics site as well as the SEOlytics API blog post.

LemonLemon, the mobile wallet application, has announced the Lemon API. Prior to the release of the Lemon API Lemon users had to take pictures of their receipts and cards to integrate them into their mobile wallet. After some user demand for more interactivity, the Lemon API was released for developers to use on their website or application. Functionality is relatively the same for both the Lemon App and API. To learn more about the Lemon API visit the Lemon site as well as the Lemon API blog post.

WheelmapWheel chair accessible locations are not always available to those who are disabled. The Wheelmap.org has created the Wheelmap API to help solve this problem. The API provides a map clearly stating which locations are or are not wheel chair accessible.  Developers can integrate this map into their application or site to provide wheel chair users with accessibility information. To learn more about the Wheelmap API visit the Wheelmap site as well as the Wheelmap API blog post.

HipmobStaying in touch with users on the move is difficult, but not impossible with the Hipmob API. Hipmob is a mobile chat client that works to connect customers with customer service and support in real time. The Hipmob API allows developer to integrate the Hipmob functionality into their site or application. These functionalities include message updates, the ability to know when users need help, and the ability to do this all with a mobile customer. To learn more about the Hipmob API visit the Hipmob site as well as the Hipmob API blog post.

OpenSignal, the mobile network-ranking program launched 2 years ago, has now released an OpenSignal API. In those short two years, OpenSignal can provide coverage information spanning more than 1,000 networks in over 200 countries. The OpenSignal API gives developers the power to integrate the OpenSignal map into their websites or applications to see 2G,3G, and 4G network provider coverage. To learn more about the OpenSignal API visit the OpenSignal site as well as the OpenSignal API blog post.

MogreetMogreet has released a suite of SMS, MMS, Transcoding and Lookup APIs to their already successful picture and video-messaging Platform. The Mogreet API allows developers to integrate text or multimedia messages, notifications and alerts to their mobile device application. Developers can also use the platform host and send video as well as audio and images. To learn more about the Mogreet API visit the Mogreet site as well as the Mogreet API blog post.

AuphonicAuphonic develops new algorithms in the area of music information retrieval and audio signal processing to give anyone needing professional grade sound the ability to have professional grade sound. The Auphonic API simply puts the technology in the hands of developers allowing them to achieve professional grade sound within their apps and websites without hiring an engineer. To learn more about the Auphonic API visit the Auphonic site as well as the Auphonic API blog post.

Google has launched a new API called the Reseller API, allowing Google partners to integrate Google Apps reselling tolls into the own applications. The Google Apps for Business, Google Drive storage, and Google Apps Vault are all supported by the API. In a nutshell the API allows resellers and partners to scale their businesses. Some of the functionalities include adding a new customer account, listing subscriptions or a reseller, starting a paid service from a trial subscription and etc. To learn more about the API visit the Google site as well as the Reseller API blog post.

Ordr.inOrdr.in, the company that Builds order and menu management tools for restaurants, has released the Ordr.in API. The API allows restaurants to sign up and pay to be listed within the API, and then developers build ordering apps connected to the specific restaurant. Developers are given access to structured data around each restaurant, menus, delivery areas and anything the developer needs on a restaurant. To learn more about the Ordr.in API visit the Ordr.in site as well as the Ordr.in API blog post.

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