API Spotlight: Wowzer, TidyClub, and WhatLanguage APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those nine, which include the Wowzer API. Wowzer, a provider of video screening/nterviewing, announced its Wowzer API. The Wowzer API allows developers to integrate the Wowzer features into their existing hiring process. As with many business practices, efficiency is very important, which is why Wowzer believes its video screening reduces screening time by 75% compared to phone screening. To learn more about the Wowzer API visit the Wowzer site as well as the Wowzer API blog post.

Sociocast PredictionThe Prediction API, from Sociocast, aims to offer predictions at unprecedented accuracies. These predictions take data structures and customer-specfic data schemas to generate optimized ad campaigns and etc. However, it can provide predictions on data for social sites, gaming platforms, retail, finance and even government. The most interesting thing is sociocast claims to be 4-7 times more accurate at a tenth of the price. To lean more about the Sociocast API visit the Sociocast site as well as the Sociocast API blog post.

TidyClubAre you in a club, committee, or organization that could benefit from a little more structure? The TidyClub API may be the answer you are looking for, providing a project management Platform and tools to help members in the management process. Functionality includes project management tools, administration tools, payment methods, funds tracking, and etc. The API simply allows for TidyClub functionality to be integrated with other applications. To learn more about the TidyClub API visit the TidyClub site as well as the TidyClub API blog post.

WhatLanguageWhatLanguage is a language detection Web Service that currently deciphers between 110 different languages. The WhatLanguage's API makes the language deciphering functionality available to developers to integrate with other applications. All users have to do is paste text into a text field or URL and the service will tell the user what language the text or site is written in. To learn more about the WhatLanguage's API visit the WhatLanguage site as well as the WhatLanguage API blog post.

The Soleo API, the recent 2.0 version, gives mobile app publishers and developers access to Soleo's database consisting of 1.5 million advertisers and real-time data for over 15 million local merchants. This gives developers the option to provide app users with local information that is add supported. Functionality includes merchant listings, rating and reviews, deals and coupons, maps and more, allowing developers the option of app monetization. To learn more about the Soleo API visit the Soleo site as well as the Soleo API blog post.

Do.comDo.com is a web based project management and collaboration application designed to help teams accomplish a number of things. Do.com's API simply allows their sites functionality to be integrated with third party developer apps. Do.com allows users to create tasks, get feedback and share thoughts with groups at any given time through any modern browser, native on IOS or Android. To learn more about the Do.com API visit the Do.com site as well as the Do.com API blog post.

GracenoteThe Gracenote database is one of the largest sources of music and video metadata around, with more than 130 million tracks and TV listings in 28 countries. The Gracenote API gives developers access to all of Gracenote's rich music metadata. This allows developers to text based lookups of artists, albums, and tracks and receive descriptive metadata. This  descriptive data ranges from cover art to origin and etc. To learn more about the Gracenote API visit the Gracenote site as well as the Gracenote API blog post.

Commision Factory, an Autralia based and focused Affiliate Marekting Network, has announced the launch of their Commision Factory API. The idea behind the API was to provide third party applications a way to connect to the data collected by the Commsion Factory network. Furthermore, it is also intended to create new business and build a developer community around the affiliate marketing network. To learn more about the API visit the Commision Factory site as well as the Commision Factory API blog post.

Click A TaxiThe Click a Taxi API gives developers the same functionality as the Click a Taxi company, a few clicks here and there and all of a sudden 300,000 taxis being informed that someone wants a ride. On top of this Click a Taxi allows for taxis to be booked 24 hours in advance even connecting to a users GPS to set up both pick up and drop off locations.  To learn more about how Click a Taxi is taking a rather tedious process and simplifying it for both taxi drivers and customers, visit the Click a Taxi site as well as the Click a Taxi API blog post.

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