API Spotlight:MoPub, FlixFit, and Illiri APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, eight were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those eight, which included the app55 API. The app55 API is a UK-based payment service provider that offers developers a simple, secure payment method. The most unique feature of the API is its PCI outsourcing, allowing for third parties to better handle the security. To learn more about the app55 API visit the app55 site as well as the app55 API blog post.

MoPubThe MoPub API allows developers to integrate ad campaign management to their applications. Specifically, MoPub provides a Platform to manage, track, and monetize ad campaigns. It even allows for developers to use the MoPub functionality and further extend its effectiveness by implementing developer-specific tools. With a dedicated developer community troubleshooting such custom tools becomes less of a headache and more of a reason to try it out. To learn more about the MoPub API visit the MoPub site as well as the MoPub API blog post.

HallThe Hall API gives developers, specifically teams and businesses, the necessary tools they need to communicate, give feedback, and share their work with one another. Halls sharing functionality composes of file sharing, video sharing, screen sharing, video conferencing, and chat capabilities all of which are in real time. Although this isn’t the complete list of functionality, Hall is clearly focused on increasing productivity and communication from any web enabled device. To learn more about the Hall API visit the Hall site as well as the Hall API blog post.

FlixFitThe FlixFit API gives third party applications and websites the ability to measure parts of the human body through accurate and precise imagery. The API does so by taking an image and running it through various algorithms to produce measurements. These measurements just have to be accurate enough to help consumers decide what size of clothing they should purchase when shopping online. With 30-40% ofclothing ordered online being returned because it doesn’t fit, FlixFit is much needed. To learn more about the FlixFit API visit the FlixFit site as well as the FlixFit API blog post.

SlimSurveysThe SlimSurveys API gives developers the ability to integrate micro-interaction surveys into the applications or websites. These surveys can vary from the more typical opinion poll to recommendation forms and more. The API supports all mobile development platforms so users can be reached on their Iphones, tablets, computers, and android devices. To learn more about the SlimSurveys API visit the SlimSurveys site as well as the SlimSurveys API blog post.

LaunchPad RecruitsThe job applicant process poses many shortcomings. From the resume to the interview, there are many possibilities where the applicant is found to not be suitable for a position. The LaunchPads Recruit API was created to streamline the process. It allows employers to create video interviews instead of having to go through a long face-to-face interview process when the applicant is obviously not suited for the position. To learn more about the specifics of the LaunchPads Recruit API visit the LaunchPads site as well as the LaunchPads Recruit API blog post.

BugDiggerThe sure thing that comes with development, besides eventually finishing an application, is the countless bugs that come along with it.  The BugDigger API acts as a de-bugger for various coding environments. Instead of merely providing the user with the location of a bug, BugDigger is designed to provide the developer with detailed information in the bug report. This means instead of trying to figure out the reason for the bug, BugDigger should do it for you. To learn more about the BugDigger API visit the BugDigger site as well as the BugDigger API blog post.

IlliriIlliri is a connection company focused on connecting devices with its patent pending audio-based connection technology. It works by transmitting modulated sounds that actually contains a secure session ID. Once connected, users can share in payment processing, photo and file sharing, advertising, and pretty much anything the average person would have on their smartphone. However, it is not limited to smartphone usage. Users can achieve the same connectivity via tablets, radios, TV stations, radio stations, and anything else that can propagate audio waves. Best of all, they provide the Illiri API for developers. To learn more about the Illiri API visit the Illiri site as well as the Illiri API blog post.