API Strategy for Agriculture Implemented by Industry Leader

DuPont Pioneer, a leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, has partnered with Raven Industries to bring an API strategy to market that aims to increase crop yield. The API strategy starts with DuPont Pioneer's Pioneer Encirca services (a comprehensive, personalized set of whole-farm decision services). The data created by Encirca is channeled to Raven devices and services through Raven's Slingshot API.

"This new connectivity between Encirca services and Raven adds convenience for the grower and will further enable the precise application of nitrogen fertilizer....As yield monitors run this fall, growers are already thinking about the 2015 growing season. They want to know how much nitrogen will be needed for top yields next year. Encirca Yield enabled with wireless data transfer makes that information instantly available and helps growers to be more efficient with input planning," DuPont Pioneer Vice President  and Business Director, Steve Reno said in a press release.

The data exchange from Encirca to Raven enables Raven controllers to receive data wirelessly. Raven controllers can then precisely release the correct amount of fertilizer to a given crop. Additionally, the exchange will report exactly what was applied for future reference and decision making. 

"We are excited about the new addition of Pioneer Encirca services to the list of decision agriculture and software solutions already compatible with Slingshot....The open architecture of Slingshot easily enables great collaborators like Pioneer to provide their growers with technologically advanced solutions that help maximize yield," Paul Welbig, Raven Industries General Manager of its Austin Technology Center said in a press release.  

The Slingshot API is an open and secure data connectivity platform. The API uses an XML data format. Slingshot is used by farmers, retailers, agronomists, and independent software vendors to share agronomic data. In turn, users can utilize data provided through the API with an app of their choice. The Slingshot API has been successfully integrated with many Raven hardware products, such as the DuPont/Raven partnership, to refine operations in the agricultural industry. Now that one of the world's leaders in seed production has partnered with Raven and deployed and API-driven strategy, one can only expect more APIs to show up in one of the oldest industries in human history. 

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