API Strategy and Practice Conference Will Kick Off in San Francisco, October 23-25, 2013

3scale and Kin Lane (API Evangelist) have announced that the second API Strategy and Practice Conference will take place October 23 – 25, 2013 in San Francisco, California at the Parc55 Hotel, located near Union Square. Tickets will be available in limited batches starting on June 5th.

API Strategy and Practice Conference

The first API Strategy and Practice Conference, a sold out event held February 21 - 22, 2013 in New York, NY, was by all accounts a huge success. Over 300 people attended the event which featured keynotes, panels and themed sessions covering many aspects of the ever growing API space. Kin Lane published a post on his blog about his experience at the first API Strategy and Practice Conference in which he wrote:

"The conference ended up with about 350 registered (SOLD OUT), with about what appears to be about 275-325 floating around each day, coming and going listening to talks from over 70 companies in the API space. It was exactly the mix of folks I had hoped to see--ranging from marketing, advertising, business and developers who were new to APIs, to the moderately skilled players who were looking to polish their skills as well as being a who’s who of API experts across the industry."

The second API Strategy and Practice Conference will build on the success of the first event, covering APIs in specific sectors including music, social, media, government, payments and e-commerce. Speakers at the second conference include:

  • Daniel Jacobson - Director of API engineering at Netflix
  • David Weekly - Developer Advocate at Facebook
  • Drew Dillon - Director of Product Management at Yammer
  • Jeff Atwood - Co-founder of Stackexchange.com and Discourse.org
  • Pamela Fox - Frontend Engineer at Coursera
  • Peter Rexer Sr - Platform Product Manager at Box

For more information, visit http://apistrategyconference.com. To keep updated on APIStrat news and events, subscribe to the APIStrat Blog and follow the conference on Twitter. You can also be notified by email when tickets will be available.

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