API Strategy Conference Kicks Off in Amsterdam

API Strategy and Practice officially kicked off in Amsterdam this morning. After yesterday’s afternoon workshop sessions (see our separate coverage of the CitySDK workshop), this morning commenced with a packed room of developers, API providers, service managers, business innovators, and startup entrepreneurs, all ready to spend the next two days talking APIs.

“We are honored to be here in Amsterdam for our first official event ‘across the pond,” said co-organizer, Kin Lane from API Evangelist. “There is a lot of momentum here in Europe around APIs.”

Co-organizer Steve Willmott, CEO of 3scale, added: “There are already great events in Europe including APIDays and NordicAPIs who helped us to get the word out.” In fact, immediately following APIStrat are a number of other European-hosted events including an API Meetup in Dublin on March 31, and a four day tour of Nordic countries being hosted by Nordic APIs.

Willmott and Lane took a minute to remind participants that the event has a code of conduct that encourages an inclusive sense of community. This includes encouraging API newbies to join in on conversations and discussions during sessions and in the breaks. Willmott noted that some tech events have been marred by presentations or behavior that has not welcomed all members of the API developer community.

“Our agenda includes everything from hypermedia, realtime APIs, we have all the very tech stuff like security and scalability, and we are also pushing into new areas like the Internet of Things,” said Lane.

In addition to this packed agenda covering everything from API discovery, audio APIs, business model development, and smart city APIs, participants also got a number of special goodies in their conference swag bag: ““All swag bags include a Raspberry Pi B version (the more powerful version)”, Willmott announced. “We hope you take it home and install it in your bathroom to control the lights or something. We also have CEO Gordon Hollingworth in a fireside chat sharing much more about what people are doing with Raspberry Pi.”

Like with API Strategy and Practice in San Francisco last year, organizers have used a great technique for the event program: it is cleverly laid out so that it fits into the back of your name badge with the current program details able to be folded so it is always easily checked. If only all conferences could use this technique.

ProgrammableWeb readers can keep up with discussions and feedback at the event by scanning the #apistratAMS hashtag. ProgrammableWeb will be live blogging throughout the next two days.

BREAKING NEWS: In a 'fireside chat' session mid-morning, Tyler Singletary, Director of Platform, Klout, was unable to publicly discuss - or even confirm - news expected to be formally announced later today: that the influence-scoring API service has been acquired by Lithium Technologies. A joint formal announcement is expected to be made later today, with CNN Money already reporting the deal is worth almost $200 million.

By Mark Boyd. Mark is a freelance writer focusing on how we use technology to connect and interact. He writes regularly about API business models, open data, smart cities, Quantified Self and e-commerce. He can be contacted via email, on Twitter, or on Google+.

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