An API to Turn Any Web Content into an Android app

For developers, the best tools to code in are the ones you know best. For web developers, that's XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Over the last few years, the focus has shifted from the web to mobile devices. While many web developers have picked up a Java or Objective-C book or two and to dive headfirst into the mobile mobile markets, others have been too busy to make the shift.

With tools like Appcelerator Titanium and PhoneGap, it's been easier to use web development languages and techniques to develop mobile applications. AppsGeyser joins the mix, with a bit of a twist: the AppsGeyser API.

Unlike PhoneGap and Titanium, where you are still left to develop your app using their SDK, AppGeyser allows you to simply transform existing mobile web applications into mobile applications that can be made available in the Android App Market. The demo video embedded below explains the AppsGeyser approach.

Weather service YoWindow is seeing great benefits from having a mobile application made from its web content. Using AppGeyser, YoWindow was able to develop Android apps for over half a dozen cities.

"The AppsGeyser API was a unique way to transform all my web content into mobile apps. Simplicity of  Integration allowed me to create the apps with weather info for all major cities around the world in few hours," YoWindow Founder Paul Repkin said. "The very same day we created the apps, we started seeing a growing number of installs and repeat usages. We are already in talks with the AppsGeyser team on the monetization strategy for our apps."

There are still many situations where a natively-built app is better suited, but there are also many where one built from web content will suffice. With the API, developers could even build tools that make the process all the more automated.

But what do you think? Will you use AppsGeyser?

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