An API to Weed Out Disposable Email Addresses

If you run a website, like many of our readers, and you have an account system, you probably have problems with spam. One of the main sources of spam is users who register using disposable e-mail addresses. These can be generated by spammers programatically, using services like the Guerilla Mail API I covered previously, and used to make tons of accounts to try to get blog spam through. If this is a problem for you, the DEA Filter API can help.

Its website has this to say about its API:

DEA filter is a simple and FREE RESTful api that helps you avoid
Disposable Email Addresses from getting into your site.
This will prevent spammers and fake users from infesting your website.
Implementing it in your existing site is just a couple of lines of code away!

It is a RESTful API, like most, and using it is completely free. You'll need an API Key, obtainable here, and to download the package for your site, available here. After that, as they claim, integrating it into your site will often take just a few lines of code.

After integrating it, your site will no longer accept temporary e-mail addresses for any use. It also wouldn't be that hard to integrate this into mobile apps, securing your mobile accounts against temporary addresses as well. The ease of use on this one is pretty amazing, for existing website: just download the package, paste in a small JavaScript bit, and you're done.

It's pretty simple, really, but it does help solve the comment spam issue, which is getting worse and worse if my experiences are any indication. The developer, Thorfinio, claims it was literally made in the space of an afternoon. If he can develop a great little API like this in one afternoon, I must say I look forward to his future efforts.

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