An API for Your DNA: Genetic Discovery Made Easy

23andMe is a DNA analysis service that allows individuals to learn more about their DNA. Users can use the service to trace their ancestry, learn more about their present health and participate in research to benefit future generations. The company also offers this neatly categorized and searchable data to researchers and scientists.

Individuals who are interested in making use of this service simply follow the following procedure:

  • Purchase the Personal Genome Service from 23andMe's online store.
  • Once the kit is received, users register the kit information online.
  • Users simply provide a sample of saliva with the Container included in the kit and send it to the 23andMe lab.
  • Results are issued in 2-3 weeks.
  • Users can begin to discover more about their DNA.

The 23andMe API allows authorized developers to access this data and build new applications and tools. The API will require individual consent for data that is referenced, and once approved, developers will receive an Authentication key that provides secure access to the Platform.

23andMe CEO and Co-Founder Anne Wojcicki states "Opening our API offers an immense opportunity for customers to do more with their DNA." She adds, "While 23andMe has created a number of groundbreaking and innovative tools for our customer to explore their DNA, the API will open the door to the possibility of new web-based interactive tools to be developed by external groups."

Developers can make an application to access the API on the 23andMe website.

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