The API You've Never Heard of That's on Over 25,000 Websites

Canadian based startup LoginRadius is a Software As A Service (SAAS) provider of social infrastructure (Social Login and Social Sharing) that is currently used by over 25,000 websites. Despite being a fairly new service (The company was founded in May 2011), LoginRadius has expanded rapidly, partly in thanks to the LoginRadius API.


Image Credit: LoginRadius

Founded by Deepak Gupta and Rakesh Soni, LoginRadius was created as a solution to a problem that arose when developing another software product. The story of how LoginRadius came to be is described in detail on the website blog, as well as the problem they were facing:

"Internet users are visiting the website but running away from it causing high bounce rate i.e. low conversation rate even after significant improvement in web design and functionality, though the concept was well received! So strangely, we were not able to get the expected user base! Lots of users are visiting but a very few are registering!!"

After conducting user surveys and studying the problem, it became apparent that most users did not want to complete a lengthy registration process or create a site account where they would have to remember another username and password. Gupta and Soni realized that the solution was simple:

"Let users log in with their existing IDs, just one click and they can access our service and we do not send unwanted emails!"

The idea of an " OpenID" had already originated from the open source community in 2005, and is now standardized by the OpenID Foundation. OpenID is defined by the OpenID Foundation as:

"A Decentralized Authentication protocol that makes it easy for people to sign up and access web accounts."

LoginRadius currently has 25 ID Providers to choose from including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Mozilla Persona, and WordPress.

Websites powered by LoginRadius include Vogue India, Movie HD, Freeware Files, Paul Writer, and Dance News.

Adding LoginRadius to your website or application, provides your users the ability to login using their existing social media IDs as well as share content on those social networks. The ability and convenience for users to log into websites using an existing social network ID is becoming increasingly popular. It eliminates the need for users to fill out lengthy registration forms or have to keep track of many account usernames and passwords.

Although there are a wide variety of SDKs available for developers, you do not need to know programming or be a technical expert to add LoginRadius to your website. There are a variety of icon themes, login themes, add-ons and other customization methods available. LoginRadius also allows applications to retrieve user profile data (upon consent) and perform social based analytics.

Visit the LoginRadius site for more information or to view a live demo.

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