API2Cart API Method Mines Magento Abandoned Cart Data

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E-Commerce is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Millions of people become e-merchants by creating their online stores on various e-retail platforms. One of the pitfalls that may stay hidden is a number of lost sales due shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment takes place when a potential customer of an e-retailer does not complete their order and such failures make up to 68% of cases. The reasons for this may be different. Apart from I-was-just-browsing abandonment, it could be:

  • site lagging and eventually its crashing
  • a complicated or long process of placing an order
  • a better price found elsewhere
  • a too expensive overall price
  • unsuitable delivery options
  • website timing out, etc.

A Golden Business Opportunity

Being aware of the number of abandoned orders for a certain period of time would increase the likelihood of saving a deal of them. Moreover, such an information could be used for specific business purposes (e.g. e-mail marketing, e-commerce recommendation widget software, and other recovery campaigns that would boost conversion rates).

E-Commerce cart abandonment e-mails make one of the most popular way of uncompleted order recovery. About a half of such e-messages are opened and over a third of clicks lead to purchases back on website. Apparently, having access to a greater number of shopping carts is a paying option for such e-mail marketing services.

Companies building recommendation widgets for e-stores may also find the new possibility offered by API2Cart rather interesting. It is no secret that in order to create those a service needs to get the data from a shopping cart in question.

The good news is that API2Cart can now lend such companies a hand. The service is integrated with 30+ shopping carts including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Volusion and many others. It provides one API that allows to connect to all of them so that there is no need to establish dozens of Integration modules. The number of supported e-retail platforms and their versions make up to 85% of the digital market. This means that innumerable online store owners may become a company’s potential clients.

What Functional Benefits One Gets From API2Cart

With the help of integration with API2Cart, abandoned cart recovery businesses can obtain an ability to retrieve and synchronize order, product and other data within their system. They could use this to do the following:

  • notify on abandoned orders immediately
  • send alerts on payments that did not come through
  • provide statistics on abandoned/recovered carts as well as products and their price
  • track the purchases made after alert messages were sent, etc.

With order.abandoned.list API method supported, API2Cart became a service that can open up the database of 30+ shopping carts for businesses to retrieve the information on orders (now including abandoned ones), products, categories, customers and more. From now on, it is possible to turn e-retailers' biggest headache into a huge opportunity.

The method is currently supported for Magento only, but the company is working hard to make it work for 30+ popular shopping carts in the near future.

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