API360 London Will Highlight API Business Models

CA’s API Academy will hold an API360 Summit in London on Nov. 18. Promising to be vendor-neutral, the event focuses on sharing experiences and best practices in designing APIs for business use.

CA Technologies — whose Layer 7 API management provider acquisition has been rebranded into the CA fold as CA API Management — employs API heavy hitters Holger Reinhardt, Ronnie Mitra, Mike Amundsen and Irakli Nadareishvili as part of the API Academy, a think tank aimed at fostering API best practices and API uptake in business. In turn, API Academy hosts API360, a one-day summit aimed at sharing the latest ideas around how businesses can use APIs to open new channels, monetize existing assets and build new products.

API360 has already been held once in Washington, D.C., with a forthcoming event in London planned for next week.

Speakers at the London event will include:

  • Heather Savory, independent chair of the U.K. government’s Open Data User Group (ODUG)  
  • Adeel Ali, founder of APImatic
  • Mehdi Medjaoui, founder of OAuth.io and Webshell
  • Adrian Hausser, CEO of PayX International

On behalf of ProgrammableWeb, I will host a panel on API business models, following on from research presented at APIcon UK. The API Business Model panel will include Sheera Gendzel (Yelp), Robin Meehan (Smart421), Matt Davis (Aimia) and Jonathan Raper (Transport API). We will discuss:

  • How clearly are business models mapped out before opening up an API?
  • How closely linked is this business plan with identifying the customer segments (by using personas) that will use and commercialize products off an API?
  • What API metrics are measured?
  • What onboarding metrics are measured?
  • How are API ecosystem partners supported?

Developers and business managers are encouraged to attend, free of charge, by registering online.


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