Apiary.io Now Features Swagger Support

Apiary.io, a suite of tools for building and testing APIs, has announced that the Platform now supports the Swagger API description language. Previously, the only API description language the Apiary.io platform supported was API Blueprint. Swagger support is currently in beta and not all Apiary.io features include Swagger support. However, supported Apiary.io functionality for Swagger projects currently includes editor, Documentation, mock server, API inspector, and more.

Apiary.io allows developers to design, prototype, document and test APIs. The platform features a range of API building and testing tools including (but not limited to) interactive documentation, mock server, API inspector, GitHub sync, GitHub Integration, local API testing, and continuous API testing.

Swagger is a popular API description language and open source Framework for APIs. This past November, Swagger was moved to the Open API Initiative (OAI), a consortium of industry experts aiming to standardize how REST APIs are described. The OAI specification started out with the Swagger 2.0 specification. The official OAI website states that:

"The goal of the OAI specification is to define a standard, language-agnostic interface to REST APIs which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of the service without access to Source Code, documentation, or through network traffic inspection."

According to the official announcement post, Apiary.io decided to add Swagger support to the platform partly because of the OAI initiative, a project the company supports. The announcement post also states that the company will continue to support API Blueprint. At the time of this writing, Apiary.io does not feature RAML support. However, API Transformer from APIMatic can be used to convert API descriptions from one spec to another; for example from Swagger to RAML, Blueprint to Swagger, etc.

The company will be hosting a webinar on February 2nd that will include a demonstration of the Swagger supported features.

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