APIdays Will Examine How APIs Are Disrupting Industries

"Glo-cal" organizer APIdays will hold its next event, focused on “APIs and the Future of Industries,” in Paris on Dec. 2 and 3. APIdays is considered a signature API event series, harnessing a global/local approach to API discussions in locations around the world. The Paris installment is becoming a key event on the industry calendar, often introducing new API speakers and perspectives from across a diverse range of industries, who then go on to share their expertise at subsequent API-focused events.

“We built APIdays because the fight is more about ideas than about technical implementation,” says organizer Mehdi Medjaoui, co-founder of API wrapper service Webshell and its Authentication counterpart, OAuth.io. “We make tools for APIs with Webshell and OAuth.io, but the conference is about putting ideas into people’s minds. This conference is the best vehicle for ideas.”

This year’s theme looks at the Platform economy and how to scale industry innovations with APIs. Day one will start with a series of keynotes focused on where the platform economy is headed in the next five years. This will be followed by two conference streams across both days: one on business-focused content and a more technical developer stream.

Medjaoui explains the inspiration for the program content:

Today, a lot of API conferences are happening, but I think we talk too much about APIs and not enough about what APIs provide. It is like that old saying, "When the wise man shows the moon, the idiot looks at the finger." Sometimes, we miss the point.

That is why this APIdays looks at industries, people and the future of the Internet. Let’s talk about the future of companies and innovation in industry and how we can use APIs to build that innovation.

So we have two big tracks about disrupting industry: the future of banking, retail, telecommunications, transportation, energy and smart cities. Speakers will be talking about what APIs can provide and how their industries have entered this era of the API revolution.

December’s event will see some of the industry’s strongest performers sharing their perspectives. Spotify and The Echo Nest will present their API at the event; ProgrammableWeb’s editor-in-chief, David Berlind, will summarize the latest trends in API security challenges and solutions; senior engineer at Docker, Jérôme Petazzoni, will talk about the role of APIs in disrupting industry through containerization methods; and Cyril Vart, VP of Strategy at Fabernovel, will follow up on his fascinating presentation last year looking at how APIs are reshaping the flow of information and decision-making within leading global businesses.

Cyril Vart from Fabernovel talking about how APIs are an innovative and efficient model allowing companies to manage their core business only at APIdays 2013.

At APIdays events, there is a sense of bringing together international API industry leaders as well as showcasing and networking opportunities for local API businesses. Last year I noticed several conversations among international visitors speaking with local businesses about how to build partnerships and work together internationally. Medjaoui explains the mix:

At every APIdays, we try to focus on local communities: 70% of participation is local people and 30% external. Paris is our main event for new content, so we take risks, we ask speakers to build exclusive content and then we try to keep the best speakers.

APIdays Paris will be followed in 2015 with events in Sydney (Feb. 10-11), Moscow (March, in partnership with Yandex), Germany (April 23-24) Barcelona, Spain (May), San Francisco (mid-June) and Dublin (September).

Medjaoui is confident attendees will walk away from the event with new industry connections, greater insight and new perspectives on how APIs can lead to innovation and create a competitive advantage. “One conference needs to step up and say, ‘Let’s look at the moon,' ” Medjaoui says.

Participants can register to attend at APIdays.io. ProgrammableWeb readers are being welcomed with a 30% discount. Use the code PW_APIDAYSPARIS when registering to receive the discounted price.

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