Apigee Acquires InsightsOne, Extends API Reach to Big Data

The convergence of Big Data analytics and the API economy has been prognosticated for a while. Now Apigee wants to turn that prediction into reality. With the acquisition today of InsightsOne, the provider of API Integration and management tools is moving to tightly couple predictive big data analytics software with applications looking to invoke analytics via an API. Instead of building predictive analytics capabilities from the ground up, Apigee CEO Chet Kapoor envisions a world where developers apply analytics to any number of processes via an API.

Like many providers of predictive analytics applications, InsightsOne pursued a dual strategy prior to its acquisition. On one hand, InsightsOne provides a User Interface that allows end users to interactively launch queries. But on the other, it has also developed an API strategy that allows developers to invoke predictive analytics from within their application. Kapoor says it’s that latter approach that is laying the API foundation that organizations will use to create a truly digital business.

Going forward, Apigee plans to continue to offer InsightsOne as a stand-alone product that leverages an in-memory real-time processing engine that runs on top of Hadoop. Later this year Apigee also plans to roll out an integrated digital business Platform for mobile apps, APIs and predictive data analytics. Those capabilities will complement a set of existing analytics capabilities that Apigee rolled out last year.

The InsightsOne acquisition gives Apigee the technology it needs to address Big Data opportunities, much of which is useless unless organizations find a way to access and easily share the analysis of all the data, says Kapoor.

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Rather than thinking of APIs and predictive analytics as separate technology projects, Kapoor says business processes in the future will be highly automated via APIs that will trigger events based on thresholds determined using predictive analytics applications. Apigee will continue to work with a variety of third-party predictive analytics applications, but the InsightOne software will become more tightly coupled to the Apigee API management platform, he says.

Building a digital business is all the rage among senior business executives today. Kapoor says developers need to remember that APIs are the technology that enables digital business strategies to come to fruition. Rather than getting caught up with the technology, developers need to first make sure they are using APIs to address a problem that is relevant to the business, he says. Once armed with a few successes, it will become apparent to the rest of the business just how valuable APIs actually are.

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