Apigee API Monitoring, Hosted Targets, Extensions Move to General Availability

Throughout this last summer Apigee announced beta releases for three products: Apigee API Monitoring, Hosted Targets, and Extensions. The company has now moved all three into general availability, with API Monitoring rolling out in phases over the next several weeks.

API Monitoring

Apigee API Monitoring is now available to all Apigee Edge Public Cloud enterprise customers and aims to help operations teams assess how their APIs are performing. Monitoring capabilities were first announced in early August, with the company stating an intention to provide contextual insights into API performance, helps diagnose issues, and facilitate remedial actions. To use these new features customers are required to use Apigee Edge Cloud Enterprise and the company’s Edge UI.


Given Google’s acquisition of Apigee back in 2016, it is no surprise to see the company increase its commitment to Integration with Google’s offerings. Apigee Extentions hopes to simplify integration with services such as Cloud Firestore, Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage and Spanner. Beyond Google services, Apigee also announced a new extention to access Informatica’s iPaaS offering.

Hosted Targets

Hosted Targets allow enterprises to run Node.js applications in a native runtime environment. This provides the ability to deploy applications in an isolated environment where Edge APITrack this API proxies can call them as target services.

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