Apigee API Platform Now Supports Node.js Allowing Developers to Build Highly Customized APIs and Apps

Apigee, a leading API technology provider for enterprises and developers, has announced the Integration of Node.js with the Apigee API Platform which allows developers to build highly customized APIs and Apps. The addition of Node.js support makes it possible for developers to deploy unmodified Node.js applications on the platform then add to those applications API management features such as OAuth security, API keys, traffic management, caching, rate-limiting, etc.


Node.js is a platform for easily building fast, scalable network applications and is built on V8, an open source JavaScript engine developed by Google. Developers can use the Apigee API Platform with Node.js support to customize existing APIs for different devices, build a mobile app backend with API data services, combine multiple slow Back-end API calls into a smaller number of faster API calls, and build new APIs that proxy other APIs using frameworks such as Argo, Express, Geddy, Hapi, and others.

In addition, there are many thousands of Node.js third-party modules created by the Node.js community that are already available and can be used by developers via the Apigee API Platform. Although the platform does support third-party Node modules, third-party software is not hosted in the Apigee Cloud therefore software solutions can only be used if they are accessible remotely over HTTP or HTTPS. Apigee Chief Architect, Greg Brail states for the press release that:

"We want to give developers the best possible platform for creating today's modern apps that deliver data and services through APIs and are consumed on a wide variety of devices. The Node.js integration delivers a new level of programmability to Apigee -- with the flexibility to create APIs that can solve even the most complex orchestration and mobile optimization problems. With this, we're extending our reach to all JavaScript developers, who can now seamlessly combine Node with everything in Apigee."

The Apigee API Platform with Node.js support is available now as a public beta version and more information about the platform can be found on the official Apigee website.

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